inspace Unveils Innovative AI-Driven Platform to Transform Hybrid Workplaces

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–inspace, a trailblazer in workspace solutions, today announced the launch of its AI-driven platform, designed to redefine the experience in hybrid workplaces. This cutting-edge technology brings a new level of intelligence, efficiency, and personalization to offices, paving the way for a more streamlined and productive workspace.

“inspace is committed to reshaping how workplaces function and adapt to the needs of modern employees,” says Elena Beloshapkova, CEO of inspace. “Our AI-driven platform is a significant step towards this vision, enabling employees and workplace leaders to better navigate and optimize their work environment.”

inspace’s platform offers several standout features that deliver on this promise. Intelligent desk booking uses AI to suggest a desk to an employee based on their preferences, needs, or booking history. Automatic desk reservations simplify the process by automatically reserving a desk when an employee is scheduled to be in the office.

The platform also offers smart room bookings, using AI to analyze meeting patterns and needs. It considers meeting type, amenities, and user preferences to suggest the most suitable space.

inspace goes beyond facilitating workspace reservations. Its predictive workplace analytics provide valuable insights for long-term office planning. AI makes this data more actionable, helping companies optimize space usage and anticipate their needs accurately and quickly.

“inspace is more than an application; it’s your personalized workplace companion,” says Elena Beloshapkova. “It’s our ambition to make hybrid workspaces more engaging, efficient, and intuitive, and we’re excited to see how our platform contributes to this evolution.”

inspace’s AI-driven platform is now available for businesses looking to optimize their hybrid workplace experience. For more information, visit

About inspace

inspace is a pioneering workspace solution provider committed to transforming how workplaces operate in the hybrid work era. Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technologies, inspace’s platform offers intelligent features to optimize space usage, streamline office navigation, and improve the overall employee experience.


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