Pearl Bio Secures Breakthrough IP for Multi-Functionalized Biologics

Paving the road for a new era of “smart” biologics; backed by Khosla Ventures

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#bioengineeringPearl Bio, a synthetic biology company backed by Khosla Ventures, is recoding life to create a new era of biologics and biomaterials. A newly issued breakthrough U.S. patent 11,649,446 related to engineering programmable biologics by encoding synthetic chemistries bolsters Pearl’s patent portfolio to corner the market of multi-functionalized biologics with Pearl’s exclusive license to the issued patent. The Pearl team includes world leaders in synthetic biology, genome recoding, and ribosome engineering: Drs. George Church (Pearl Bio, Scientific Advisory Board), Farren Isaacs (Yale University), Michael Jewett (Stanford University) and Jesse Rinehart (Yale University).

“By encoding diverse synthetic chemistries into proteins, Pearl is able to tune half-life, target delivery to diseased cells, and attach cytotoxic payloads to tailor valuable therapeutic properties, overcoming key barriers preventing market approval,” explained Co-Founder Amy Cayne Schwartz. Pearl’s platform leverages 24 exclusively licensed patents and applications evolved over the last decade by the company’s scientific Co-Founders, Dr. Isaacs and Dr. Jewett. The company is advancing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies alongside internal programs to develop next-generation “smart” biologics.

Bringing together the newly-issued patent with existing broad blocking patents on genomically recoded organisms, tethered ribosomes and engineered translational machinery enables access to new frontiers by site-specifically encoding synthetic monomers to derive novel biologics and biomaterials.

Pearl’s technology preserves the natural protein activity while endowing valuable therapeutic properties to address defining challenges in biologic drug development – toxicity, stability, and targeted delivery – fast-tracking the path to market. For example, compounds designed to sustain presence of a cytotoxic payload in the tumor microenvironment coupled with access to novel targets will open-up entirely new therapeutic opportunities to address unmet medical needs and transform patient quality of life.

About Pearl Bio

Backed by Khosla Ventures, Pearl Bio was launched by Scientific Co-Founders Drs. Farren Isaacs (Yale), Michael Jewett (Stanford), and Amy Cayne Schwartz, J.D. (Pearl Bio) bringing together 24 patents in a platform technology to advance multi-functionalized biologics and biomaterials by encoding synthetic chemistries. Broad blocking patents afford freedom to operate, and the company has rapidly advanced capabilities in-house and through pharmaceutical partnerships. Pearl Bio may be followed at: Twitter:


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