Sengenics Corporation Announces New French Distributor

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sengenics Corporation LLC, driving the discovery of next-gen biomarkers through its immuno-proteomic platform, KREX®, announces that it has entered into a sales and marketing agreement with French distributor Proteigene to make Sengenics’ suite of services and products more widely available in France. Our new partners will market and provide full support for Sengenics’ proprietary technology to pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic institutions in France.

“Sengenics is thrilled to partner with Proteigene,” said Jerry Williamson, Chief Executive Officer of Sengenics. “With Proteigene’s reputation for excellence and their skilled team of salespeople and product specialists, we look forward to expanding the reach of our immunoprofiling technology.”

Alain Omasson, the Technical and Scientific Commercial Director of Proteigene said “We are delighted to be the official distribution partner of Sengenics, the immunoproteomics company, in France. Proteigene has been working for more than 20 years in the proteomic research area and this partnership with Sengenics is a very good opportunity to develop new activities and make a step forward in modern proteomics in the biomarker field.”

Both Sengenics and Proteigene are committed to ensuring a seamless experience for their customers. The collaborative efforts of Proteigene and Sengenics will identify new market opportunities and make Sengenics KREX® technology accessible to a wider audience.

About Sengenics

Sengenics is an immunoproteomics company working to improve patient outcomes through physiologically relevant, data-guided decision making. Our solutions enable the discovery and validation of antibody biomarker signatures for patient stratification, therapeutic response prediction and development of companion diagnostics. Sengenics Corporation LLC is headquartered in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, USA and has offices worldwide. Sengenics has more than 50 employees across its current locations.

About Proteigene

PROTEIGENE ( has been providing scientific products, technologies, and services since 1999. For more than 20 years, they have delivered high level technology systems for life science applications to a variety of researchers. Today, they still propose powerful systems and consumables in single cell analysis, cell line development and antibody research, numeric NGS, multi-omics platforms, targeted metabolomics, and robotics.


Investor Contact:
Jerry Williamson

President & CEO, Sengenics Corporation

Media Contact:
Katy McGirr

Director of Global Marketing, Sengenics Corporation