Viffy Introduces First Premium Content Creator Platform Fueled by Everyday Consumer Spending

In collaboration with American Express, Mastercard, and Visa, Viffy aims to eliminate paywall restrictions from premium creator content.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Viffy, the industry’s first premium creator content platform that bridges creator influence and retailer loyalty, announced its official app launch today. Dedicated to empowering a more universal premium content experience, while simultaneously facilitating the funding for more content creator paid subscriptions, Viffy offers the most comprehensive and seamless web and mobile solution for consumers and creators alike, that are searching for reliable and efficient methods to affordably deliver more content to more people. Viffy allows consumers to try, explore, and discover new content channels with zero financial risk, while introducing an unmatched level of accessibility and user-friendliness, by seamlessly leveraging customer loyalty programs for everyday purchases at dozens of national retailers including Asics, ColourPop, and Fanatics.

“Viffy solves problems for retailers, consumers, content creators, and credit card companies,” said Sam Winslow, Chief Executive Officer of Viffy. “We believe this platform will revolutionize the influencer marketing industry by giving retailers and credit card networks access to the power of influencer marketing.” The influencer marketing industry has grown from $500M in 2015 to over $16B today, with no existing solution to enable retailers or credit card networks to leverage creator content. Viffy changes this by providing unprecedented utilization of existing customer loyalty reward platforms, unlocking an enormous driver of activity to the already-mature industry of brand loyalty through major affiliate marketing and card link-based loyalty platforms. “We are excited to be at the forefront of this new era of marketing and look forward to providing retailers and credit card networks with a new way to reach their customers,” said Winslow.

With Viffy, content creators can diversify their income and monetize their premium or supplemental content, as the traditional paywall model that currently dominates the creator space is highly prohibitive. Viffy empowers content creators to capture untapped value from their most avid followers, while delivering an affordable pathway to attract new subscribers. “We are thrilled to revolutionize how creators monetize premium content, by eliminating the paywall, while also unlocking value for the stakeholders who drive income to creators, brick-and-mortar retailers and credit card networks who are happy to pay affiliate fees for loyalty and sales,” said Winslow. An end-to-end premium creator content and subscriber community management solution, Viffy believes how consumers discover, navigate, and subscribe to creator content is directly tied to the brick-and-mortar merchants and brands they already support in their daily lives.

The Viffy App is available on Google Play and Apple App Store or by visiting:

About Viffy

Viffy is the industry’s first premium creator content platform that bridges creator influence and retailer loyalty. Leveraging card-linking technology offered by American Express, Mastercard, and Visa, Viffy removes the prohibitive paywall that dominates creator content by enabling users access to premium creator content through everyday spending habits. With Viffy, retailers and credit card networks earn valuable entry into the influencer space for increased customer loyalty and engagement, while Viffy content creators unlock an additional revenue stream.


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