Veriti’s Direct Indexing Solution Approaches One Billion in Assets Under Management in Less Than 3 Years

Direct indexing platform, launched in 2018, delivers innovative, tech-forward portfolio management with robust analytics and optimization capabilities

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DirectIndexingVeriti Management LLC (Veriti), a direct indexing asset management and financial technology company, is pleased to announce that it has crossed $900,000,000 in assets under management (AUM) earlier this summer. At the same time during the first half of 2021, Veriti has continued to add institutions and private wealth advisors across 12 different custodial relationships.

Veriti quickly garnered interest from both advisor and institutional channels for their ability to establish hyper-customized separately managed accounts with their proprietary algorithms and technologies.

Jim Dilworth, Co-Founder and Veriti’s Head of Advisor and Institutional Channels, offered, “Institutional and retail investors alike have spoken, and their message is clear: they are demanding alignment between their portfolios and their values. Meanwhile, today’s robust technology is fostering these outcomes with added benefits including substantial tax savings – all thanks to direct indexing. We’re excited for the future as we’re closing on our 2021 goal of $1 billion in AUM, and there’s nothing but momentum at our back.”

The need for personalized investor portfolios that reflect investor values and meet their financial objectives and tax-loss harvesting requirements, is acute. Direct Indexing, propelled forward by Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) objectives and mandates, represents a seismic secular trend in the industry, putting the power in the hands of the advisor to deliver against investor expectations. In turn, Veriti anticipates continued growth as more investors around the globe thoughtfully work to align their investment portfolios with their beliefs and values.

Veriti’s future-ready direct indexing solution facilitates responsible investing, continuous tax-loss harvesting, tax-efficient account transitions, and gifting strategies at similar costs to many ETFs. Over the coming months, Veriti plans to reveal a new portal which will enhance the advisor experience while helping to drive desired investor outcomes.

Co-Founder David Beatty offers, “It is encouraging to see direct indexing experiencing accelerated adoption and recognition that it is in clients’ best interests. I have deployed direct indexing for clients for more than 20 years with several multi-family offices because of its greater tax efficiency and ability to customize each account to the client’s personal beliefs and values. It is most rewarding to know that this approach delivers excellent investment results while also satisfying the investor’s desire to do good.”

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About Veriti Management LLC:

Founded in 2018, Veriti Management LLC (“Veriti”) is built to do good. Veriti’s direct indexing technology offers institutional investors and wealth advisors the ability to personalize investment strategies to align with the values of contemporary investors as well as the potential to capture substantial tax benefits. Veriti provides one key service: low-cost direct indexing of public equities. Veriti’s approach is powerful, versatile, and personalized. For more, visit or write to request more information.

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