Verdantas Announces the Creation of its Flow Labs: Where Fluid Dynamics Meet Cutting-Edge Engineering

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Verdantas, a leading integrated environmental science, engineering, and consulting firm, proudly announces the emergence of Verdantas Flow Labs, a synergistic collaboration between two internationally esteemed entities: Alden Research Laboratory, LLC (Alden) and Clemson Engineering Hydraulics, LLC (CEH). This combination brings the unparalleled capabilities of both renowned hydraulics laboratories under a new name, reflecting a cohesive entity dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions in fluid dynamics and flow engineering.

Verdantas CEO Jesse Kropelnicki says, “Clients in the energy, water, and industrial markets have long depended on the industry-leading flow modeling, testing, and engineering expertise of these two labs. By integrating the two labs and aligning them with our company’s environmental science and technology-integrated capabilities, we can combine the trusted know-how and expertise of the Flow Labs to serve our clients better. Verdantas Flow Labs truly sets our firm apart.”

Verdantas Flow Labs offers advanced physical modeling, field measurements, precision flow meter calibrations, and innovative numerical simulations. The experienced team consists of esteemed engineers, scientists, and biologists who are recognized leaders in fluid dynamics, hydraulics, hydrology, and fisheries engineering. Verdantas Flow Labs expertise supports hydroelectric dams, nuclear facilities, process engineering, coastal and riverine systems, flood mitigation and national defense on both national and international levels.

In 2021, Alden joined Verdantas shortly after its formation. Two years later, in July 2023, CEH joined the team, enhancing capacity and expertise in physical hydraulic modeling and engineering.

Verdantas Flow Labs has over 230,000 sq. ft. of laboratory space in two East Coast locations and offices in Colorado and Oregon. Its 32-acre Massachusetts location has been named the Alden Campus to honor its 130-year history in conducting flow modeling studies which continue to shape our world.

About Verdantas

Verdantas is an integrated environmental science, engineering, and consulting firm. Our approach involves partnering with clients and communities to create comprehensive solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. We work across industries to protect the environment, enhance communities, and integrate sustainable development into everyday business. Through our diverse, in-house expertise and advanced digital technologies, we provide forward-thinking solutions that help our clients succeed in a changing world. Grounded in a people-focused culture, we prioritize the well-being of our employees, clients, and communities we serve.


Alyson Hanson, Vice President of Strategic Communications