Using AI to Drive Growth and Efficiency in Higher Education: Gray DI Launches AI Reports for Academic Program Evaluation

AI Reports provides an easy-to-understand text summary of more than 50 metrics enabling provosts, deans, and higher-education decision-makers to pick the right academic programs to Start, Stop, Fix, or Grow

CONCORD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gray Decision Intelligence (Gray DI), the leading provider of academic program evaluation software, today launched AI Reports: easy-to-understand text reports that summarize dozens of metrics on the markets for academic programs. AI Reports enables leaders from English to Engineering professors to academic deans, provosts, and presidents to understand the markets for programs and make better decisions on academic programs to Start, Stop, Fix, or Grow – decisions that drive enrollment growth and efficiency.

Gray DI gathers and analyzes data on student demand, employment, and competitive intensity for over 1,500 academic programs (CIP codes). Sources include the National Student Clearinghouse, IPEDS, Google searches, job postings, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the U.S. Census. The richness of the data can be daunting, especially for new or occasional users.

AI Reports generates straightforward text reports that offer practical insights into the markets for academic programs. AI Reports enable all the people involved in program decisions to access and genuinely understand market data, even if they fled from math in high school and have never worked with similar information. This helps institutions include diverse perspectives in a sound, timely, data-informed decision-making process.

“At Gray DI, we believe that every higher education institution deserves access to powerful decision intelligence tools that democratize data,” said Zach Paz, Gray DI’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our new AI Report Tool enables schools of all sizes to make informed decisions that align with student demand and future career needs. By democratizing data, we are changing the way higher education institutions operate, ensuring they can deliver programs that best serve their students and their communities.”

Gray will host a webinar on June 13, 2024 to provide a deep dive into AI Reports and its capabilities. During the webinar, Gray DI will also share how AI Reports will be used in other applications to distill complex financial data into easy-to-understand text reports. For more information about AI Reports, visit here.

About Gray Decision Intelligence

Gray Decision Intelligence offers the only complete Program Evaluation System (PES) that over 150 colleges and universities use to generate revenue and reduce costs. PES covers 1,500 academic programs, it provides rich, accurate data on student demand, employment, competition, and benchmark revenue, cost, and margin. Institutions use PES to identify programs that can grow enrollment and revenue. Cost benchmarks also help institutions improve curricular efficiency. PES Predict uses AI to estimate potential enrollment in new and existing programs; it reveals the best programs to launch or grow and minimizes the risk of failure. Predict includes 10-year pro forma financials, enabling institutions to go from a program idea to a complete financial forecast in minutes.

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Shifali Erasmus, Crackle PR