Troy Medicare Selects nirvanaHealth’s Aria Platform that Runs on Microsoft Azure

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–nirvanaHealth and Troy Medicare announce their partnership to implement nirvanaHealth’s Medicare Advantage Platform-in-a-Box enterprise solution that runs on Microsoft Azure. These solutions run on Aria, nirvanaHealth’s integrated Payer & PBM cloud-native platform with built-in artificial intelligence (AI). Troy Medicare is a Medicare Advantage plan based in Charlotte, North Carolina that leverages its network of independent pharmacies to improve outcomes and coordinate care. Troy Medicare will be migrating onto nirvanaHealth’s Aria Payer platform.

Troy Medicare will use nirvanaHealth’s Aria platform as the backbone for its Payer operations. “With a platform like Aria, we can operate more efficiently and cost-effectively so that we can service our members more effectively,” says Ethan Lipkind, CEO of Troy Medicare. nirvanaHealth’s Medicare Advantage complete enterprise solution includes its Aria platform, which leverages robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence. nirvanaHealth’s Aria platform helps payers recognize significant savings so that they can allocate more premium dollars to be directly used for overall healthcare needs of their members. Aria provides a Patient 360° view to every care provider in the care continuum, including point-of-sale and point-of-care. “We can’t wait to see what Aria can do for us,” adds Lipkind.

With built-in compliance, Aria deploys a digital workforce to automate and manage all health plan administrative and clinical operations—including sales, marketing, claims adjudication, administrative, financial, clinical, medical, utilization, care management, quality rating, prospective quality management, and risk contracting & management functions. This allows plans to more effectively allocate human capital to focus on high-touch value activities, such as member healthcare experience, social determinants of health, wellness regimens, and care management functions.

nirvanaHealth’s Medicare Advantage Platform-in-a-box solution includes Payer business services to simplify Medicare Advantage operations end-to-end for any health plan compliantly. “The Aria platform helps health plans manage at low SG&A costs when fully implemented,” says Ravi Ika, CEO & President of nirvanaHealth. Aria improves operational efficiency since it eliminates the need to utilize multiple vendors and platforms. Aria also empowers MA plans to creatively distribute and manage risk with partners such as IPAs and MSOs. John Sculley, Chairman of nirvanaHealth and former CEO of Apple, adds, “With the Aria platform, actionable intelligence can be shared directly into care provider workflows, which can help improve quality ratings.” This includes gaps in care, continuity of care, and accurate risk-adjustment.

About nirvanaHealth

nirvanaHealth is an innovative Payer and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) platform provider that leverages their robotic process automation (RPA) cloud platforms to manage integrated medical, pharmacy and behavioral services that reduce overall administrative, medical, and pharmacy costs and improve overall quality. nirvanaHealth offers the first one-stop-shop, cloud-native Payer and PBM integrated platform in the industry. nirvanaHealth pioneers healthcare automation by uniquely combining deep healthcare domain expertise with proven platform-building experience to deploy RPA using cloud-native architecture across the Payer and PBM industries. Learn more at

About Troy Medicare

Troy Medicare is an innovative Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan focused on independent pharmacies as the hub of health care delivery. Troy.AI, a proprietary application, engages with pharmacists to support member needs. Troy is committed to improving the health and well-being of its members through best-in-class clinical programs by partnering with innovative healthcare organizations and implementing cutting-edge solutions. Troy’s differentiated technology platform empowers pharmacists to activate member engagement and deploy third-party clinical intervention extenders.

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