Tempo Debuts Capacity Insights: Free AI-powered Solution Supercharges Capacity Management for Teams in Jira

Automated effort tracking dramatically reduces burden of manual processes, improving data quality and decision making for business leaders

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tempo Software, a leading provider of portfolio management solutions for product development organizations, announced today the beta launch of its AI-powered, automated capacity management solution, Capacity Insights.

Capacity Insights enables product organizations to unlock the full potential of their development teams. It uses AI and machine learning to process activity signals from Jira, worklogs and other applications like calendars and git repositories to automatically track effort spent on projects without manual entry.

The automation of previously manual capacity tracking and management processes allows organizations to:

Focus work to align activity with business objectives
Increasing visibility into resource allocation and project progress reveals where teams are spending time and focusing efforts, enabling faster business decisions and better alignment with business goals. Capacity Insights provides a single source of truth for managers and CTOs to better understand, run and manage the complex work done by product and development teams.

Increase developer productivity
Allows organizations to reach teams that do not want to manually log work or track time, thereby seeing where teams are wasting time on low value-add work and allowing them to redirect efforts.

Maximize ROI
Generating holistic reports with actionable insights speeds decision making, reduces admin time and allows businesses to identify inefficiencies. This helps business leaders see how time and capacity are being allocated with more clarity than story points or other work estimation methods.

“The normalization of decentralized teams and remote work over the past few years has made capacity management more crucial than ever,” said Shannon Mason, Chief Strategy Officer for Tempo Software. “Managers and CTOs are increasingly mindful of global economic uncertainty, so they’re looking for ways to gain efficiencies and maximize investments. We built Capacity Insights to help companies uncover capacity shortfalls so they can maximize ROI without the manual work.”

Tempo boasts a long track record of time tracking and resource management for Jira teams with their award-winning Timesheets solution. Capacity Insights will support the evolution of the company’s Strategic Project Management (SPM) platform.

The beta version of Capacity Insights is now available for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.

About Tempo Software

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