Tempo Announces 2021 Partner Awards, Hackathon Winner

Leading Resellers in Tempo’s Partner Program and Inaugural Hackathon Honored

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#temposoftware–Tempo, a leader in team time management and productivity-enhancing solutions, today honored the company’s Partner Program participants, which recognize leading Tempo solution resellers around the world. Additionally, Tempo announced the winner of their inaugural Hackathon, a new initiative that rewards novel Tempo use cases in Atlassian and other project management ecosystems.

“This year’s Partner Program and Hackathon winners have demonstrated tremendous ingenuity to deliver even more value to their customers through Tempo-based resource planning and management solutions,” said Mark Lorion, CEO, Tempo. “We’re tremendously thankful to the community of over 185 dedicated partners who turn to us to make their customers happy, and for the ways in which they develop new use cases for our solution, as demonstrated by this year’s partner hackathon winner.”

Tempo offers integrated applications for time management, resource planning and budget management for software engineering and other project management teams. The resellers taking top Tempo Partner Program Awards are helping customers better manage their developer resources and focus on projects with the greatest ROI.

Top honors in the Tempo Partner Program include:

Top-Selling Partner

Valiantys, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, for the third year in a row

Best in Cross-Selling

Automation Consultants

Best in Customer Retention


Fastest ARR Growth

● venITure, with 225% ARR growth

Regional Best in New Sales

● APAC – Ricksoft, Inc.

● North America – Praecipio Consulting

● East Europe – Deviniti

● West Europe – Clearvision

● Africa – Obsidian Systems

● South America – bit2bit Americas

Best Customer Solution

ACA IT-Solutions created a custom program for capacity and demand planning with Tempo Planner and Tempo Teams for the marketing communications department of a large Belgian retailer. The marketing department is responsible for most, if not all of the company’s campaigns (big and small). These include digital campaigns on the internet or via regular media, and all the tangible marketing assets found in their many stores around the country, and in brochures distributed to customers through regular mail.

More than 30 teams inside the department are managed as Tempo Teams. Based on team roles, work schedules and holidays are planned against internal issues. The solution allows the company to calculate and display the capacity of all teams down to role level. On the demand side, templates define the work breakdown of common assignments. These templates contain the definition of a certain type of work and have a breakdown of expected lead times.

On top of that was a written custom app to calculate and assign both capacity and demand over time, which is imported into EazyBI via REST endpoints. This lets the retailer generate demand/capacity reports that enable planners to identify bottlenecks in the organization and identify areas of improvement.

“For as long as I can remember, Tempo has been the reference when it comes to tracking time in Jira. Over the years, we’ve built a really valuable partnership as well, where we know questions are heard and challenges discussed in a timely, professional and pleasant atmosphere,” said Walter Buggenhout, Atlassian Ambassador, ACA IT-Solutions. “And that is very much beneficial for our solutions team as well as for the customers we serve together.”

Partner Hackathon Winners

Twybee, an Atlassian Solution Partner, created a planner for Google Calendar automation. The solution lets clients plan projects and provide Twybee consultants with a schedule leveraging Tempo API to automatically add an event on Google Calendar when tracking time in Tempo. The new application saves the time it takes to manually copy and paste data from Tempo into Google Calendar.

“Twybee and Tempo Software have been strong partners for two years and counting,” said Manon Soubies-Camy, Co-founder, Twybee. “Tempo solutions help our customers to better manage their planning and measure the profitability of their projects.”

About Tempo

Tempo Software offers integrated applications for time management, resource planning, and budget management for software engineering and product management teams. Our customers gain an unrivaled understanding of time and effort, and they improve how their teams plan and manage their work. This provides an aligned understanding of and plan for how time –the most precious, and finite resource– is optimized. Tempo Software is seamlessly integrated across popular DevOps tools and a natural and automated part of users’ workflows.

Headquartered in Boston and with offices in Reykjavik, Iceland and Montreal, Canada, Tempo Software is one of the largest and most successful companies in the Atlassian ecosystem. Tempo has more than 20,000 customers across a range of industries in more than 100 countries. It works with hundreds of partners around the world, offering resale, training, and consultancy in local languages. Tempo is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, with Japanese coming soon.

To learn more about Tempo, visit www.tempo.io


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