Sevis and TSG Global Form Strategic Partnership

Trusted Number Identity-TNID Powers Branded Enterprise Communications

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TSG Global, Inc. a global identity software company with the vision of connecting trusted identity to communications channels, has entered into a strategic partnership with Sevis Systems to launch trustable Short Message Services (SMS), commonly known as texting services, within their eCallMe!® service.

TSG Global’s patented Trusted Number Identity Solution (TNID), utilizes blockchain to create a digital identity tied to individual phone numbers. By connecting a digital identity to Short Message Services (SMS), commonly known as texting services, customers can be assured the communication is truly coming from the Enterprise, mitigating the fraud and abuse which plague the communications industry today. Helping address challenges faced by Enterprise when using SMS, to communicate with its customers.

TSG plans to offer the eCallMe! solution within its digital identity portfolio in its mission to rebuild trust between a consumer and a brand. The outcome of the initiative is to increase the effectiveness of trustable communications from enterprise to consumers.

“This strategic partnership provides confidence to consumers that the enterprise is truly communicating with them which drastically increases deliverablity through trustable SMS Text or Voice communications channel. Identity is extremely important to enterprise and consumers alike,” said, Noah Rafalko, CEO of TSG Global. “Providing yet another use case of TNID data to attach identity into eCallMe! ensures enterprise trusted communications are delivered.”

Sevis Systems, offers eCallMe!, a unique hybrid call verification and customer engagement platform designed for enterprises to identify communications originated from their call and contact centers. Incorporating trusted identity into text messaging, it is the first enterprise solution to provide branded Trusted Caller ID for both Voice and Text.

“Identity protection is at the core of our business,” said Fletcher Hamilton, CEO of Sevis. “Together with TSG, Sevis continues our commitment into support of digital identity delivering trusted branded SMS messaging.”

About Sevis Systems:

Since 1999, Sevis has helped identify and eliminate fraudulent, malicious, and nefarious activity on telecom networks worldwide. Our knowledge and security expertise have been extended into robocall, spoofing, and identity protection for businesses and their customers. Our patent-pending call verification and customer engagement solutions allow our clients to establish trust with their customers and stay ahead of the evolving threats of fraudsters and hackers.

About TSG Global

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