Saifr® Named One of the World’s Most Innovative AI Solution Providers for Financial Services By FinTech Global

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Saifr®, an AI-focused regulatory technology (RegTech) and financial technology (FinTech) business that assists financial services clients in the review and approval of public communications to help mitigate brand, regulatory, and reputational risk, today announced it has been selected as one of the 100 most innovative AI FinTech companies in the financial industry by FinTech Global.

The AIFinTech100 award recognizes the world’s most innovative companies developing AI and machine learning technologies to help solve challenges or improve efficiency in financial services. A panel of industry experts and analysts selected 100 of the top firms from over 2,000 entrants. According to FinTech Global director Richard Sachar, “The new AIFinTech100 list gives senior decision-makers the knowledge of the best vendors in the market and those leading the charge on innovation.”

“Saifr is thrilled to be recognized for our innovative, AI-enabled solutions,” said Vall Herard, SVP at Fidelity Labs and CEO of Saifr. “We are proud of our proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision models that help our clients more efficiently develop compliant communications containing text, video, and audio.”

Saifr’s NLP models are made possible by a unique corpus of millions of financial services documents and datapoints representing 15+ years of work by thousands of marketing and compliance experts in various segments of financial services. With these data, Saifr employs computational linguistic and transformer-based techniques that utilize supervised and unsupervised machine learning to flag potential compliance risks in financial services public communications. Saifr’s solutions also show users why the content was flagged and suggest less risky alternatives. Saifr has made content creation up to 5-10x faster for marketing and compliance teams.

Recently, Saifr announced an expanded product lineup. In addition to its workflow tool, SaifrReview®, its robust analytics are available through SaifrScan® Add-ins, which allow users to access Saifr’s AI compliance scans within their existing suite of business apps. The add-ins deliver the same scan speed and accuracy as when users work directly in the SaifrReview application.

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About Saifr

Saifr, a RegTech incubated by Fidelity Labs, streamlines and enriches the content creation and review process to help mitigate brand, reputational, and regulatory risk. Saifr leverages its unique access to millions of documents representing more than 15 years of work by thousands of marketing and compliance experts in various lines of business to create deep-learning AI models. Saifr’s AI helps content creation, approval, and filing processes to make them easier, faster, less expensive, and more accurate.

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