Real Estate Expert Walter Hall Launches National Legacy Program for Realtors; The Power of Partnering Will Establish a New Set of Professional Standards Seen as Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry, a Major Business in the U.S. Economy

The National Realtor Association reported 5.64 million existing homes were sold and purchased by over 11 million consumers in 2020

NORWELL, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#powerofpartnering–Residential real estate authority Walter Hall announces that his company, The Hall Institute of Real Estate, is launching a national program for Realtors called The Power of Partnering. Designed to give consumers more power, knowledge and control when selling, buying or renting their home, The Power of Partnering professional standards provide this knowledge and power.

Initially designed for individual Realtors nationally, recent interest from a leading real estate franchisor led Hall to modify his plan and first contact this group of prospective buyers.

He said, “My 60-plus years in the real estate industry has been very good to me; I want to give something meaningful back to the industry –particularly the home sellers, buyers and renters.” One long-standing industry problem is that home sellers, buyers and renters often don’t realize they are embarking upon a complicated process that often leads to unexpected, expensive surprises.

There had been no recognized national standards outlining the key steps in the selling, buying and renting process until 2015 when Hall authored All Things REAL ESTATE. The book clearly and succinctly describes in non-technical language the key steps in all three processes. This book quickly became popular as a training guide and as a basis for professional practices.

With a key team of national advisors, Hall extracted key points of each process from All Things REAL ESTATE, creating three unique Consumer Guides, each with a “quick read” summary of every part of the process in selling, buying or renting a home. Testing of the Consumer Guides produced positive feedback; testimonials are in each Guide.


The Hall Institute developed The Power of Partnering to embody all elements necessary for every home seller, buyer or renter to get maximum benefit from their Consumer Guide by dealing with an established, professionally oriented real estate firm with designated agents selected and trained to partner with their seller, buyer, or renter. These agents will advise customers how to maximize their Consumer Guide’s effectiveness to reach all their objectives, and be with them through every step of the process, providing in-depth backup knowledge and experience and the all important personal touch.

Since 1968, The Hall Institute of Real Estate has dominated the national residential real estate playing field with fresh, creative, successful innovations that have enriched thousands of Realtors and home sellers, buyers, and renters. Learn more at


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