Quantum Technology Innovator and Advisor, Stephanie Simmons to Speak at Quantum.Tech and Economist Events in Boston and London

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On the heels of World Quantum Day, celebrated April 14, 2023, Photonic, a stealth start-up company enabling scientists and researchers in industry, government and academia to realize the power of quantum computing, today announced its founder and Chief Quantum Officer, Stephanie Simmons is speaking at two upcoming events.

Date: April 25, 2023

Time: 11:40 AM EDT

Location: Boston, Marriott Copley Place

Panel Session – Day 1:

The Path to Commercialization: A roadmap update from the leading processor providers


What are the real-world solutions quantum can provide for enterprises?

Is the hardware there yet?

Where are we along the NISQ era?

How are these organizations working with software providers?


Moderator: Bob Sorensen – Senior Vice President of Research and Chief Analyst for Quantum Computing, Hyperion Research


Florian Neukart, Chief Product Officer, Terra Quantum

Stephanie Simmons, Founder and Chief Quantum Officer, Photonic

Rajeeb Hazra, CEO, Quantinuum

Justin Ging, Chief Product Officer, Atom Computing

Aparna Prabhakar, Vice President, Quantum Partners & Alliances, IBM Quantum

The Economist 2nd annual Commercialising Quantum Global 2023
From qubits to profits: achieving near-term quantum advantage

Date: May 17, 2023

Time: 2:35 PM BST

Location: London

Session Topic – Day 1

Fireside chat: Networked quantum processing: entanglement at scale


Dr. Stephanie Simmons, Founder and Chief Quantum Officer, Photonic

Sir Peter Knight, Emeritus professor, Imperial College London

Dr. Simmons was also invited to speak at The Economist Commercialising Quantum US on Embarking on good-faith cooperation: how we must work together to advance quantum for the benefit of humanity held March 23, 2023 in San Francisco, California.

On January 13, 2023, Dr. Simmons was named Co-chair of Canada’s National Quantum Strategy’s Advisory Board. In this important role, she will work with top officials and experts in Canada and countries around the world on research, talent development, and commercializing quantum technology, which is at the leading edge of research and innovation. With enormous potential for commercialization, quantum technology will enable game-changing advances, such as more effective drug design, better climate forecasting, improved navigation and innovations in clean technologies.

About Dr. Simmons

Dr. Stephanie Simmons, founder and Chief Quantum Officer at Photonic, is a world-leading expert in quantum technologies, silicon spin-photon interfaces, condensed matter spin dynamics and control, silicon integrated photonics, and quantum optics. Stephanie is the co-chair of the advisory board to Canada’s National Quantum Strategy, a Research Chair in Quantum Nanoelectronics, as well as a Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Fellow in Quantum Information Science. Visit the Photonic web site to learn more.


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