PowerRunner and AVEVA Extend Reseller Agreement, Empowering Utilities with Enhanced Operational Insight through 2027

BRENTWOOD, N.H.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PowerRunner, a leading provider of grid analytics energy optimization software, and AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, including the AVEVA PI System, have solidified their partnership by extending their reseller agreement through 2027. This partnership leverages their combined technologies to offer a proven and scalable operational data solution, providing utilities with real-time situational awareness leveraging all grid sensor data, including Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

The extended agreement allows AVEVA to continue reselling the AVEVA PowerRunner on PI System solution, delivering a robust operational data management system operating on millions of sensors, including AMI data, in near real-time. Analyzing assets from transmission to behind-the-meter, the AVEVA PowerRunner on PI System solution equips the utility industry with granular, temporal, and locational situational awareness to navigate the growing complexities of the grid.

PowerRunner’s patent-pending streaming data engine, integrated prediction layer, and configurable data management and governance extend the value of data and context managed by the PI System for the expanding distribution network. This solution virtually joins operational data from the PI System with internal and external data sources, providing utilities with real-time visibility, analysis, and predictions essential for the safe and reliable operation of an evolving bidirectional grid. PowerRunner’s integrated prediction engine determines forecasts in near-real time for millions of assets. This supports global net-zero initiatives by facilitating the integration of renewable distributed energy resources and analyzing the coordination needed for the increasing number of distribution system assets.

As the world continues to invest in renewable power and technologies to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, the electrification and decarbonization of the grid pose operational challenges to a century-old system. The combined power of the PI System and PowerRunner’s analytics offers an extendable and scalable data infrastructure and energy IIoT solution capable of ingesting, joining, and operating on data from millions of sensors across the grid. This provides utilities with actionable information for the safe and reliable operation of the grid in the face of changing business requirements.

Jason Iacobucci, President of PowerRunner, expressed enthusiasm about the continued partnership, stating, PI is a staple in the Generation, Transmission and Distribution aspects of the industry and this solution extends the powerful PI System infrastructure to millions of low-voltage assets by adding key functionality in PowerRunner. “We view this partnership as transformative both in terms of PowerRunner’s trajectory and the role that PowerRunner and AVEVA will play in enabling global decarbonization.”

Harpreet Gulati, Senior Vice President, AVEVA’s Head of PI System Business, emphasized AVEVA’s commitment to sustainability and to extend AVEVA’s offering of the PowerRunner on PI solution which will assist utilities in achieving their net-zero goals.

The PowerRunner and AVEVA Reseller Agreement now extends through 2027 providing utilities with a PI System-based solution that supports the complex and evolving requirements of the bi-directional distribution grid. It offers a scalable data infrastructure configurable by subject matter experts to meet the rapidly changing business requirements of an industry in transition.

About PowerRunner

PowerRunner provides innovative, scalable, and extendable solutions that extract business value from disparate Operational Technology and Information Technology data sources. Our system of systems platform joins data from disparate, but typical utility systems such as SCADA, OMS, GIS, and CIS with data from the growing number of downstream IoT sensors, such as AMI and behind-the-meter sensor data, to create a virtual data layer Our breadth and depth of industry and technology acumen combined with our extensive project management experience and proven, scalable and extendable solutions, ensures that PowerRunner delivers solutions that generate real and quantifiable business value.


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