PetPace™ Launches PetPace 2.0, the Only Vet-Grade AI-Powered Canine Pet Collar Providing Continuous Life-Saving Medical Insights for Vets, Researchers and Pet Owners

PetPace is the only collar that captures millions of data points and unique analytics that identify health issues and relays them near real-time

BURLINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PetPace ™, a leader in advanced pet health monitoring, announced today the launch of PetPace 2.0, an AI-powered, life-saving smart dog collar delivering continuous, near real-time medical insights for early detection, treatment, monitoring, and GPS tracking for canine health. PetPace improves the health and quality of life of pets through remote monitoring, to bring peace of mind to pet owners.

The innovative PetPace 2.0 collar stands apart from other smart pet collars in that it measures all major vital signs and health-related biometrics, including internal temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, behavior, sleep quality, activity, and posture. In addition, it has a patent-pending pain indicator, health profile, wellness index, and workout intensity assessment.

PetPace uses multiple non-irradiating, non-invasive, passive sensors:

Thermometers – for internal temperature detection

Acoustic sensors – pulse, HRV, and respiration

6-D accelerometers – for activity, calories, and posture calculation

GPS – for location tracking

The PetPace smart collar’s patented technology is based on over a decade of research validated by leading research institutes and universities. “It is a dog’s natural instinct to mask their pain and discomfort until the disease has progressed,” says Dr. Asaf Dagan, DVM, DAVBP, CVA, and co-founder of PetPace. “PetPace’s proprietary continuous monitoring of critical biometrics enables the early detection of health problems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Other smart collars measure only a few vital signs, which are insufficient to accurately determine a dog’s overall wellness or early warning signs,” continues Dr. Dagan.

Only PetPace AI-powered smart dog collar provides immediate health alerts, continuous vital sign monitoring, proprietary wellness scores, and health comparisons based on their exclusive database. PetPace also provides goal tracking and GPS location tracking. It uses machine learning to become more intelligent with time as it continuously learns about the dog it is tracking.

“Tracking trends and changes across a range of health indicators can alert an owner when something is wrong with their pet’s health, prompting them to bring their dog to a veterinarian before the situation becomes more serious,” added Dr. Dagan. “It also enables the veterinarian to remotely assess the pet’s condition using objective and accurate in its natural setting.”

You can learn more about how PetPace is revolutionizing pet health here.

About PetPace

Based in Burlington, MA, PetPace is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of the most advanced, patented AI-driven wearable pet technology in the world. PetPace is composed of veterinarians, IoT professionals, engineers, algorithms experts, data specialists, and pet owners. We continue to conduct thorough research with top universities and research institutes worldwide to bring our proprietary product portfolio to market. We are dedicated to protecting and improving the health of all pets.


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