PetPace™ Launches AI-Powered Pregnancy Monitoring Module at EVSSAR In Barcelona to Enhance Pet Health Data Services

BURLINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#animalalerts–PetPace, a leading AI-Machine Learning pet health monitoring company, announced the launch of a new AI-powered pregnancy-focused module designed to enhance maternal pet health monitoring throughout the pregnancy lifecycle. Currently, assessing maternal pet health can be costly and invasive. PetPace’s new module aims to provide greater ease and accuracy in maternal pet care by offering real-time insights that minimize complications, enable better care, and pinpoint whelping within a 10-day to 12-hour window before labor.

The Pregnancy Monitoring Module study will be presented in a poster on June 27th through 29th at the 25th European Veterinarian Society for Small Animal Reproduction (EVSSAR) Meeting in Barcelona with an oral presentation by Dr. Asaf Dagan, the Co-Founder of PetPace, giving an oral presentation on June 29th.

Dr. Smadar Tal, DVM, Dip. ECAR, PhD, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a highly renowned reproduction expert who guided and supervised the study, said, “I’m excited to see such accuracy of data collection and analytics during the gestational period all the way up to the moment of whelping. I believe that this revolutionary technology will be extremely valuable for researchers and breeders.”

“The Pregnancy Monitoring Module will allow our users to deepen their commitment to their pets’ health and step further into their roles as caretakers. The precision of these predictions helps to narrow down the time of whelping, allowing for better preparedness by the owners,” says PetPace co-founder Asaf Dagan, DVM, Dip. ABVP.

The PetPace Pregnancy Monitoring Module uses sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms to provide near real-time updates to pet owners with expecting pets, featuring alerts for warning signs that might require medical attention and timely predictions for whelping. This technology will enable owners to provide data-informed comfort and care for their pets and newborn pups. The module was developed and tested with many dogs in a rigorous clinical study.

“It is especially useful for breeders who would love to gain these insights in real-time throughout the gestation period right up until birth,” Dagan added.

The solution operates across three stages:

Learning Stage: Collection of vital health data to create an AI-powered biometric baseline for evaluation throughout the pregnancy.

Gestation Health Monitoring Stage: Continuous tracking of the mother’s health data, with activated alerts for any negative health indicators.

Whelping Time Alerts Stage: Alerts owners within a 10-day to 12-hour window before labor begins.

The Pregnancy Health Monitoring Module is a new add-on feature that complements PetPace’s core products and services, expanding the types of health data available to users. The core PetPace App and the additional add-on features are predicated on sophisticated machine learning algorithms and the most advanced AI technology supported by many years of research and rigorous clinical testing.

Current users of the PetPace flagship collar can access the Pregnancy Health Monitoring module through the PetPace app without needing additional equipment. The pregnancy module costs $99 for 4 months or $150 for 1 year, in addition to the hardware and standard subscription. This service is ideal for pet owners and breeders seeking greater visibility into their pet’s health during gestation all the way to the time of whelping.

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