Outseer Fall ‘21 Release Introduces Critical Enhancements to Market Leading 3-D Secure Technology as Adoption and Transactions Skyrocket

Latest quarterly product update brings new security controls to Outseer Fraud Manager and improved cyber intelligence visibility to Outseer FraudAction

BEDFORD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#fintech–Outseer, the leader in payment authentication and monitoring solutions, today announced details for its Fall ‘21 Release, Outseer’s quarterly product innovation update. Outseer customers can look forward to advances in product efficacy, user experience, and operational efficiency across the entire Outseer product portfolio.

“As 3-D Secure transaction volume continues to accelerate, we have been laser focused on advancing our products for all Outseer customers and partners, as demonstrated in the Fall ‘21 Release,” said Jim Ducharme, COO of Outseer. “With the holiday shopping season nearly upon us, it’s essential that every digital business takes action to protect their brand and customers from fraud actors, who will no doubt make their best efforts to circumvent even the strongest of transactional controls. Outseer products have authenticated over $100 billion in transaction payment volume this year so far, and we predict to see that number rise considerably in the coming months.”

Outseer Fall ‘21 Release highlights include:

Outseer 3-D Secure™

• Mastercard Identity Check: 3-D Secure v21.4 will be compliant with Mastercard’s enforcement of IDC protocols.

• New Configuration Manager: customers can view, modify and publish their ACS settings more efficiently.

Outseer FraudAction™

• Dashboard Upgrade: easy access to deeper analytics from external Cyber Intelligence feed.

Outseer Fraud Manager™

• Secure Account Enrollment with Identity Verification: support for account enrollment and identity verification through document scanning including drivers licenses, passports, and W3C-compliant verifiable credentials.

• Passwordless Protection to Prevent Account Takeover: support for FIDO and NIST-compliant authentication methods including facial biometric with liveness detection and QR code signals.

• New List Management API: (cloud offering only) new API to simplify management and administration of ‘list’ content in the Policy Manager.

• Increased Custom Facts: (cloud offering only) customers can manage up to 50 custom facts to allow for more types of custom signal to be considered within their risk models and policies.

• Improved Case Management Performance: (cloud offering only) upgraded user experience with improved response times and availability.

Outseer Risk Engine™

• Enhanced Model: refined the influence of the UserAge risk indicator against overall score. This enhanced model delivers a balanced and accurate risk score across the spectrum of model risk indicators.

Outseer Global Data Network™

• Payee Contribution Support: Payee identifiers for known fraudulent transactions are now included to help detect fraudulent transactions that involve suspected mule accounts or known fraudsters.

All Outseer Fall ‘21 Release updates will be generally available to customers in the coming weeks.

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David Pedersen, Senior Director of WW Communications