Metaplane Achieves Snowflake Premier Partner Status

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Metaplane today announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023 it has officially become a Snowflake Premier Tier Technology partner. With Metaplane’s promotion to the Premier tier of partnerships, companies who already enjoy the benefits of Snowflake’s affordable storage and performant queries will continue to be able to leverage Metaplane’s data observability platform. Recognition as a Snowflake Premier Tier technology partner confirms that the company’s Snowflake integrations indicate an adherence to the platform’s best practices around performance, reliability, and security.

“Snowflake’s impact on our industry is undeniable,” says Kevin Hu, CEO of Metaplane. “With industry-leading architecture, performance, and product innovation, Snowflake is unlocking more data use cases than ever. Their incredibly strong adoption within businesses has helped propel Metaplane’s growth. Less than 8 months ago we were welcomed as a Select Partner and we’re excited to continue strengthening our partnership as one of only two premier partners in the data observability space. Metaplane will continue to help Snowflake users drive decisions and power customer experiences with trustworthy data.”

As Metaplane approaches over 100 joint customers with Snowflake, customers continue to praise the ease of setup, speed of execution, and tight integration offered by both tools.

SpotOn, a major player in the Point of Sale space, found immediate time savings and improved their ability to scale by upgrading from PostgreSQL to Snowflake. Using Metaplane, they added an extra layer of validation to ensure their data was accurate, complete, and on time.

Vendr, a leader in the SaaS purchasing software industry, was able to use native Snowflake access controls and Metaplane’s automated data quality monitoring to create tight data governance processes.

“I’m excited for our expanded partnership with Metaplane to ensure reliable and accurate data as customers continue to push the envelope with what they’re doing with their data in Snowflake,” says Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

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