Logz.io Unveils Open 360™ Platform for Optimal Observability

Open 360™ Unifies Logs, Metrics and Traces based on Open Source to Reduce Complexity and Control Observability Costs

BOSTON & TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Logz.io, provider of the industry’s most efficient, simple-to-use observability platform, based on open source, today announced the introduction of its new Open 360™ platform at AWS re:Invent 2022. With the launch of Open 360™, Logz.io delivers numerous innovations that measurably reduce the complexity of cloud applications monitoring and troubleshooting, while optimizing related resources.

Open 360™ addresses the most significant and pervasive challenges faced by today’s observability teams – the inability to efficiently monitor complex applications while controlling related data volumes and costs. By directly targeting the requirement to process huge volumes of available data to gain insight into popular systems such as Kubernetes – Open 360 is purpose-built to help observability teams focus on, and pay for, only the most critical data.

“Observability is an absolute essential, but today’s model is broken,” says Tomer Levy, CEO and co-founder of Logz.io. “Organizations need an open platform that addresses the explosion of noisy, low-value data, while aligning with the maturity of their existing teams by enabling them to benefit from the unmatched innovation and flexibility of open source. The days of ‘let’s process and pay for every ounce of data’, and proprietary vendor lock-in, are over.”

Open 360™ introduces new capabilities ranging from centralized, cross-stack Kubernetes observability to an expanded data collection agent, representing a significant step forward in the delivery of full stack observability that provides rapid time to value, at any scale.

Among the key capabilities delivered in Open 360™ are new offerings including:

Logz.io Kubernetes 360 announced last month, delivers unified observability for Kubernetes environments, providing a single interface across open source tools including OpenSearch, Prometheus and Jaeger, among others.

Logz.io Telemetry Collector extends Logz.io agent-based data collection to accelerate and streamline onboarding and immediately surface key insights.

Logz.io Data Optimization Hub provides a centralized dashboard interface to inventory all incoming observability data and provides insights to identify and manage noisy data.

Logz.io LogMetrics Index speeds conversion of log data into key metrics for monitoring related trends while simplifying indexing and substantially reducing costs.

Logz.io Trace Sampling Wizard simplifies configuration of the popular open source OpenTelemetry Collector to simplify related data onboarding.

Along with additional capabilities designed to help customers continuously optimize their observability data volumes and reduce related overhead, the introduction of Open 360™ marks a huge step forward for Logz.io, its customers and every organization seeking to tap into the power of the world’s most popular open source monitoring tools.

Get started with a free 14-day trial of the Logz.io Open 360™ platform today.

About Logz.io

Logz.io helps cloud-native businesses monitor and secure their environment. Our Open 360™ Platform turns observability from a high-cost, low-value burden to a high-value, cost-efficient enabler of better business outcomes by combining and extending familiar, powerful and relevant Open Source capabilities across Logs, Metrics and Traces – complemented by security monitoring in the form of cloud-based SIEM.

Now developers and engineers can employ an end-to-end, cloud-native observability stack built on scalable and easy-to-use Open Source using a single UI and unified agent – at a cost that anyone can afford. Unlock proactive troubleshooting, faster product delivery and a fully supported SaaS observability platform, all while compounding efficiencies in time and cost.

For more information, visit https://logz.io/.


Franki Darnold, logz@walkersands.com