Livindi Continues to Expand Award Winning Products to Help Older Adults Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy

New modules include Medication Adherence, Personal and Group Calendar, Advanced Notifications and Communications

WAYLAND, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#caregiver–The new Livindi Wellness modules include the medication adherence module, personal reminder and group calendar module, the notification module and group communication module.

“Livindi saw that our users have complex schedules, whether it is for medications or appointments or events at the facility”, said David Watkins, Livindi, CEO. “We wanted to make it easy for people to communicate, track and be reminded of important events during the day.”

The Medication Adherence Module includes the ability to create complex medication schedules for individuals and check off that they have taken medications. Families, staff at homecare agencies and facilities can now also check medication adherence and start a video call to review compliance. This allows them to ensure that individuals are taking their medications as prescribed. With these new updates, Medication Reminders is working to make it easier for everyone involved in the care of patients to keep track of their medications.

The personal reminder and group calendar module provides a new way to stay organized with all the important dates in one place! The activity schedule manager appeals to and inspires older adults to get involved. Activity is extremely important since inactivity can adversely affect a person’s mental and physical well-being. A regularly scheduled event gives the older adult something to look forward to. For instance, if they are feeling lonely, they have the reassurance that the next day they will be attending their weekly exercise class. With a regular and varied activity schedule older adults retain a strong sense of independence and stress levels decrease. Studies show that older adults involved in activities have fewer incidences of generalized anxiety disorder and depression.

Livindi’s daily agenda is a one stop shop for all things important! Whether you are a family member scheduling a doctor’s appointment or a senior living facility event coordinator scheduling campus activities, residents can find everything they need to know about their community events and personal ones by viewing the ‘Go’ button on each individual agenda. There are also reminders for upcoming appointments, like doctor visits or telemedicine treatments that appear throughout every day; making sure you don’t miss anything!

The personal calendar is a tool that provides residents of senior living facilities or customers with homecare agencies an opportunity to track events and reminders on their tablet. Recurring appointments help make it easy for them because they can simply check off what’s happening every day, rather than having separate lists each time something comes up!

With the improved Notification Module, caregivers now have access to more information with the expansion of the list of notifications they receive. The list now includes behavior changes, call button, medication adherence, device issues, body temperature, blood pressure, glucose level, heart rate variability, pulse, blood oxygen level and respiration rate and safety issues. This will help caregivers be more proactive in their caregiving and ensure that no issue goes unnoticed. With this expansion, caregivers can be assured that they are always updated on any potential problems or concerns.

The Group Communication Module is a new communication notification system. The system will allow for send and recall notifications to all the residents or members in your community or to all your homecare agency’s customers. The emergency messages can be broadcast to your customers as well. There is also the ability to use Livindi as an in-room billboard and have a web page of your community or homecare agency appear every few minutes on the tablet. This can be used to broadcast information such as community news or events, or anything else you can put into a web page. Additionally, group calendar events appear in the calendar section of the app so that everyone knows when they are happening and where they are taking place.

For more information or to sign up for this service, please visit or call 877-LIV-INDI (877-548-4634) today!

About Livindi: Livindi is an in-home connected care platform for seniors, caregivers, senior living providers and insurers to communicate, monitor, and deliver care services. Livindi has thousands of customers globally including United Healthcare (NYSE:UNH).


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