LifeYield Partners With White Glove to Create Tech-Integrated Prospecting Seminar

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Modern marketing and prospecting strategies for financial advisors must speak directly to the immediate needs of investors. To help advisors connect with the unprecedented wave of investors seeking help with retirement income, LifeYield will make its Social Security optimizer and tailored seminar material available through White Glove, a digital marketing company specializing in planning, managing and promoting educational seminars.

Through White Glove, advisors will be able to access an educational seminar highlighting the Social Security Administration’s purpose and the challenges its 2,700+ rules pose to individuals and couples filing for benefits. LifeYield has purposefully crafted the seminar to lead into the use of its Social Security+ tool, quickly and easily guiding engaged participants to an ideal Social Security filing strategy that accounts for their individual circumstances and considers the other resources available to meet their retirement goals. This helps illustrate that making a decision about Social Security can impact all of their retirement income, and that all needs to be coordinated. White Glove handles the details of setting up a seminar venue, coordinating registrations and email campaigns so the advisor can focus entirely on reaching new prospects.

“The team at White Glove have created more than half a million client introductions, and by working with them, we can help more advisors address a massive source of stress in the lives of investors leaving the workforce,” said Jack Sharry, chief marketing officer of LifeYield. “Only 10% of retirees plan to wait until age 70 to claim, and half don’t have a retirement strategy at all.”

LifeYield’s partnership with White Glove comes after many users of LifeYield’s solutions have requested seminar material to support the use of Social Security+ as a tool for business growth. In addition, advisors working through White Glove have the opportunity to subscribe to LifeYield’s retirement income optimization tools at a special, discounted rate.

“LifeYield impressed us with a sharp-eyed understanding of what motivates people to seek out an advisor’s help and the importance of showing value right away in the prospecting process,” said White Glove co-founder Dean Thurman. “This partnership will open a lot of doors for advisors seeking to grow their business and investors looking for the right people to guide them to better outcomes.”

To learn more about the partnership between LifeYield and White Glove, sign up for an upcoming August 4 webinar here.

About LifeYield

LifeYield is the wealthtech leader in powering unified managed household (UMH) platforms to help advisors and firms maximize retirement income for clients from accumulation through withdrawal. LifeYield’s dynamic algorithms and comprehensive API library enable advisory firms of all sizes to manage household-level portfolios that coordinate the technology elements necessary to optimize efficiency, and specifically, through long-term tax management, including asset location, gain/loss harvesting, rebalancing, withdrawal sequencing, and Social Security maximization.

LifeYield coordinates and optimizes the levers of cost, risk, tax and Social Security to produce better financial outcomes and quantify the benefits in dollars and cents. LifeYield Social Security+ software helps over 90,000 advisors plan optimal filing strategies as clients near retirement and provides guidance on how to build a comprehensive income stream. For more information, please visit


Mark Grandstaff

Gregory FCA for LifeYield