Klaxoon Introduces Engage Edition, the New Generation of Its Workshop Platform

With major updates on Board Hybrid, Session, Memo, Question, up to the Network features, Engage Edition represents Klaxoon’s biggest technology improvement to date.

And it’s all designed to facilitate and heighten team engagement in any type of workshop.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Klaxoon, the hybrid collaborative work leader, has today launched the brand-new edition of its Workshop Platform, the most powerful tool enabling teams to work with unprecedented levels of efficiency and engagement. Unveiled in its first version last November, the Workshop Platform is already being used by millions of people across the globe. Easier, smarter, and faster, Engage Edition puts team engagement back at its very core, thanks to 100 new features contained within a single workspace.

The Workshop Platform – Engage Edition has been designed to boost teamwork and collaboration. Tested in its beta version by more than 1,000 global users, it includes a plethora of new features. In order for teams to reach the highest level of engagement, all key aspects of the Workshop Platform have been reinforced: usage simplicity, smooth experience, reduced time losses, increased impact, team bonding from anywhere at any time. The Board Hybrid update offers 20% more space and even more intuitive navigation. Session goes further, now comprising Live (Klaxoon’s built-in video conferencing tool) and the ability to load any type of document for broadcasting. Network steps up its game, thanks to improved filtering and activity organization to optimize workshop follow-ups. All the consolidated data and stats obtained through Memo and Question will reinforce team engagement analysis.

Engagement is key for team performance. Expressing oneself, contributing, interacting, all in order to make decisions and lead efficient problem-solving projects. This most recent generation of the Workshop Platform – Engage Edition frees all potential, whether individuals or collective. The platform stimulates operational and commercial performance for all the organizations that focus on building strong connections with stakeholders. There are multiple benefits to this platform, from carbon footprint reduction to employee experience, and talent retention.

“When the pandemic began, all organizations were confronted with the fact that work had changed. Modern teamwork is now hybrid and flexible. The existing tools upon which teams relied before Covid-19 are no longer sufficient to tackle today’s challenges. The new ways of working have made the shift from hard work to smart work,” says Matthieu Beucher, CEO and founder of Klaxoon. “All teams need solid and intuitive tools to move forward – where and when they want to. Collaboration must be engaging, visual, and efficient. Today, users of the Workshop Platform would describe it as the hub between colleagues, customers, and suppliers. It’s become a cornerstone of their daily job.”

The Workshop Platform – Engage Edition is a global workspace useful for every type of workshop – workshops being the collective work times that are becoming the new pillars of collaboration in organizations, such as: project management, customer or team meetings, trainings, reviews, ideation, or design thinking workshops. The platform is 100% transverse: all businesses, all departments, all organizations can adopt it very easily. Its purpose is to engage the teams no matter where from and to work efficiently (synchronously or asynchronously) on any screen format, with unprecedented levels of efficiency and engagement.

The Workshop Platform – Engage Edition: a 360° platform for hybrid collaboration

Board Hybrid: infinite size digital workspace for visual collaboration.

Session: for interactive and paced presentations.

Memo: the new generation of memo to share info and reports with the teams, while collecting instant feedback.

Question: a built-in hub for direct interactions during workshops and beyond.

Network: private working groups to organize all workshops and Klaxoon activities.

Article: the page for content sharing within a network, in order to ensure everyone gets the same level of information.

Journal: a visual newsfeed to keep up with one’s workshops and collect inspirations.

Quiz and Survey: activities designed for knowledge evaluation and feedback collection.

Mission and Adventure: playful activities to share knowledge and observe the group’s level of understanding.

New features for performance and engagement

Super powerful, yet truly simple:

One button to share, everywhere

A new intuitive, inclusive interface

Invite participants in just one click

Optimized Live experience, now available on mobile

Innovative experiences to boost engagement:

A new toolbar to insert any type of content in just one click

Edit and interact with the Board while following a synchronized presentation

Crop, flip and rotate images

Export results (HD images, Excel files, klx, etc.)

From idea to action:

Faster than ever navigation

Switch from image to idea, and connect all the content types

Follow the facilitator’s cursor and keep up with the presentation thanks to the minimap

Distance no longer matters:

Resize and move the Live thumbnails of the participants on Board

Live is now available in Session

Ask someone a question from anywhere on the platform by clicking the person’s picture

Gain impact:

Import any type of existing documents within Memo

Bring pace to the workshops thanks to the shared timer on participants’ screens

Collect instant feedback in a Memo, and share it on the Board

Klaxoon automated reports are now available with every Klaxoon activity

Consolidated results from Question are now instantly available

Move faster:

Thanks to Network’s new interface, easily find the information you’re looking for

Question now displays the most frequent contacts, so you can get in touch faster

Follow Question’s engagement in real-time

Access the Memo’s stats easily

A whole lot of advanced features:

Import any type of existing documents within Session

Export Question’s results for deeper analysis

Get HD screenshots of Board

Hear and be heard better thanks to background noise reduction

Transfer ownership of one’s activities in just one click

Visuals here

About Klaxoon

Since 2015, Klaxoon teams have been dedicating their energy and creativity to designing the tools that make teamwork efficient. Adopted by millions of teams around the world, Klaxoon’s Workshop Platform brings together an exhaustive set of unique features to engage teams. This super-simple platform runs collaborative workshops from anywhere, together or asynchronously, with a whole new level of engagement and efficiency. With over 10 000 organizations (from any sector, any size, any function) using the Workshop Platform daily, Klaxoon enables teams to do better, within this new Hybrid setting. The company currently has offices in the USA (Boston), France (Paris, Rennes, Lyon), and Asia (Singapour).


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