Interbit Data and Florie Announce Strategic Partnership

A strategic partnership that prioritizes healthcare communications accessibility during planned and unplanned downtime

NATICK, Mass. & ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#healthIT–Interbit Data and Florie (Referromed US, Inc. DBA Florie) announced today that their companies have entered a strategic partnership to offer healthcare entities communications continuity during planned and unplanned downtime.

The agreement brings together the power of the Interbit Data Beacon Active™ solution that allows for patient registration, care documentation, and charge capture during downtime with the capabilities of the Florie application for uninterrupted cross-audience communication, revolutionizing how providers engage with patients.

In a downtime, relying on SMS text messaging and web-based communications is essential to sustain efficient processes. With the partnership of Interbit Data and Florie, hospitals and healthcare systems can now have a continuance of communications, particularly maintaining provider schedules, even when on-premises solutions may be down.

Arthur Young, CEO of Interbit Data, states, “Interbit is excited to partner with Florie to bring their transformative, timesaving connected communications application to our marketplace.” Arthur continues, “System scheduling is the lifeblood of the hospital system. The ability to continue efficient operations during a downtime is a specific goal of Interbit’s Beacon Active offering, and the ability of Florie to provide an untethered process means it supplements operations whether the host system is available or unavailable. Florie represents a significant operational improvement for our market.”

Alan Quinlan, Florie founder, and CEO, shares, “We are excited to partner with Interbit as we continue to simplify communications and ensure accessibility across the healthcare ecosystem. Accessibility shouldn’t be hindered by something that’s inevitable – downtime. Process collapse is one of the greatest negative impacts of unplanned downtime. We recognize that having access to information regardless of system disruption or downtime is critical for our clients to provide proper care – and it’s pivotal that they can communicate seamlessly.”

Alan expands, “Interbit has a profound understanding of communication challenges throughout the healthcare continuum, including hospitals, ACOs, and IDNs. Our partnership will allow us to reach these audiences and help us develop a more robust communications platform moving forward.”

With Interbit Data and Florie working together, providers and patients will unlock uninterrupted processes, continuation of workflows, and ongoing communication connections across all stakeholder audiences.

About Interbit Data

Interbit Data is a team of healthcare IT industry veterans dedicated to preserving business continuity during downtimes and simplifying operational communication workflows. For more than 25 years, Interbit Data has helped more than 800 worldwide customers and had more than 1,000 successful deployments – delivering on the promises that healthcare business continuity during downtimes and communication workflow automation is possible. For more information, visit, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @InterbitData.

About Florie

Florie was inspired by a passion for elevating and simplifying connected healthcare communications. The Florie™ platform redefines healthcare stakeholder engagement by creating a marketplace for exchanging information and bridging relationships that haven’t been bridged before. Florie builds networks that connect patients, providers, and professional organizations in the healthcare continuum, creating an end-to-end, seamless, contactless experience.

For more information and to download Florie (Windows and Mac), visit and follow us on LinkedIn.


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