HubStar Acquires Relogix, Creating a New Leader in AI-Powered Hybrid Workplace Technology

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As part of its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to smarter ways of working, HubStar – an industry leader in hybrid workplace solutions – today announced it has acquired Relogix, a leading provider of workplace occupancy sensors and analytics solutions.

The strategic integration of HubStar and Ottawa-based Relogix establishes HubStar as the definitive leader in AI-powered workspace utilization insights.

Heralded as a significant step forward for the industry, this move combines HubStar’s patented analytics capabilities, deep learning technology, and commitment to R&D investment with Relogix’s market-leading workplace analytics platform, Conexus.

It also brings HubStar together with Relogix’s ecosystem of partners, its patent-pending predictive forecasting model, and Relogix’s range of rapidly deployable sensors.

Additionally, the acquisition is set to multiply HubStar’s partner ecosystem. This will enhance the value delivered to partners and customers by accelerating the expansion of the Conexus platform’s network. Conexus already hosts vendors from the scheduling market, multiple sensor technologies, and major corporations such as Microsoft, Schneider and JLL.

HubStar’s advanced AI utilization measurement technology includes the HubStar Positioning Intelligence Engine (PIE) that generates real-time occupancy data using existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. This already provides extreme accuracy in terms of where, when and how many people are present. However, when HubStar PIE is integrated with Relogix’s pioneering low-effort presence sensors, it will create a clear leader – and a compelling new choice – to drive business value amidst rising complexity in the new world of work.

This value benefit will extend beyond customers looking to improve their workplace ROI. It will also encompass hardware and software vendors seeking opportunities to increase their impact by connecting with the most comprehensive, open workplace insights platform available.

The mass adoption of hybrid work – and rising awareness of underutilization of space – is accelerating the demand for secure, unified technology solutions that collect, connect and analyze data to inform and guide strategic workplace decisions.

HubStar is now set to disrupt the workplace technology market by providing the data and tools required to balance office space supply with fluctuating hybrid demand, while also delivering a competitive workplace experience that drives positive people and business outcomes.

“By providing customers and partners with a new way to optimize workplace value, our latest acquisition represents an inflection point in the industry that will fundamentally change market dynamics,” said Steve Vatidis, Executive Chairman, HubStar.

He added: “This transaction will strengthen HubStar’s position at the nexus of developing AI-powered workplace trends. It will expand our reach and drive innovation for existing HubStar and Relogix customers, as well as the vast number of organizations struggling to navigate the complexity inherent in hybrid work.”

Vatidis emphasized: “HubStar’s continued commitment to R&D investment will strengthen HubStar’s position as the defacto workplace platform, while enhancing its value by broadening partner relationships.

“The industry is crying out for a step-change in time-to-value and data accuracy to empower confident decisions around how much space is required and how it should be configured to deliver the best possible employee experience at the lowest cost.

“The next phase of HubStar’s journey will be accelerated by the combination of our AI-powered utilization measurement and hybrid occupancy optimization capabilities with the highly automated, easy to install, no footprint sensors that Relogix is renowned for.

“We look forward to working with the talented Relogix team to bring this complementary technology, and a new standard of operations, to workplace leaders around the globe.”

About HubStar

HubStar is a privately held, global company with headquarters in Marlborough, Mass and London, UK. The company provides a next-generation hybrid working platform to drive productivity, collaboration and workplace experience while reducing real estate costs. With operations in the US, UK, Europe and APAC, HubStar helps thousands of teams in over 60 countries create dynamic workplaces across diverse industries.

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About Relogix

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Relogix is an industry-leading provider of workplace analytics solutions, with a mission to transform the future of workplace and the way businesses understand and utilize their workspace. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Relogix delivers data-driven insights, facilitating workspace optimization, productivity enhancement, and fostering an innovative and growth-oriented environment.


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