Future Proof Festival Unveils Action-Packed Agenda and Enhanced Event Experience for 2024: 30,000+ One-to-One Meetings, 30% Larger Outdoor Footprint, 5 Content Stages, 100+ Sessions & Expanded “Breakthru” Networking Programs

The three-day transformative outdoor event, taking place September 15-18 in Huntington Beach, CA, will welcome 4,500+ attendees, including over 2,200 wealth management professionals and financial advisors

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BreakthruFuture Proof, the award-winning B2B events company, today unveiled the 2024 event experience for Future Proof Festival, the largest annual gathering of leaders in wealth management in the world. This year’s festival promises an even larger and more dynamic experience than last year’s record-setting event, with significant investments in both content and networking opportunities, including a dramatic expansion of its proprietary “Breakthru” platform, set to facilitate over 30,000 pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings, 100 peer group discussions, and more than 50 unique Breakthru Experiences (including 20+ simultaneous Advisor Networking Dinners).

Thanks to these and other enhancements, Future Proof Festival is on track to smash attendance records, with an estimated 4,500+ attendees expected this year, up 67% from 2023.

“Future Proof Festival is now not only the most important annual gathering in wealth management but also the largest,” said Matt Middleton, Founder & CEO of Future Proof. “We’re breaking new ground this year to ensure every participant leaves with the connections, insights, and inspiration that help them grow.”

The 2024 festival will feature an expanded content program with five stages — up from three in previous years — including three large main stages and two prominent “Level Up” session areas. The agenda — available here — offers over 100 sessions addressing the most pressing questions in wealth management today:

Future Proofing Your Business: What will the wealth management firm of the future look like, and how do you get there first? We’ll dive into the trends and tech shaping the future of wealth management. You’ll learn how to stay ahead and lead the charge.

Delivering Full-Service Wealth Management: Should you offer comprehensive services in-house or outsource them? Explore the best ways to expand your services. Understand when to build in-house and when to partner up for maximum client satisfaction and profit.

Harnessing AI – Maximizing Innovation, Minimizing Risk: How can you leverage AI tools to transform your business while avoiding pitfalls? Discover how AI can revolutionize your practice, and enhance services and efficiency without the risk of going down tech rabbit holes.

Defining and Achieving Growth: What does “growth” really mean for your firm, and how can you make it happen? Get past the buzzwords and into real strategies. Learn practical steps to grow your firm in meaningful, measurable ways.

Innovative Portfolio Management: What will client portfolios look like in the future, and how should you manage them? Stay ahead with cutting-edge strategies. Explore new trends and techniques to boost returns and satisfy clients.

Driving Culture & Leadership: How do you build and maintain a strong culture as your firm grows? Learn how to evolve from advisor to CEO while keeping your team inspired and your company culture intact.

“Here’s the thing that other conference producers don’t get: Wealth managers that come to these events are busy. They need a big ROI if they’re going to take time out of their schedules,” said Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and Co-Creator of the Future Proof Festival. “Our content strategy is simple: We build the festival and the content we want and need for ourselves. That means no filler, boring panels, or sales pitches. Just practical takeaways that provide tangible ROI. It turns out, other people find that valuable too.”

The overall event experience is also set to be significantly enhanced. Attendees can look forward to:

Expanded Breakthru Programs with over 100 pre-scheduled peer group discussions and 50+ Breakthru Experiences

A larger and improved Breakthru Meetings Program area hosting 30,000+ meetings

A new Fintech Alley showcasing cutting-edge tech advancements in wealth management

A world-class music festival with performances by THIRD EYE BLIND, DJ MICK, and more to be announced

A 30% larger outdoor footprint

The organizers are preparing to welcome over 4,500 attendees, including 2,200+ of the industry’s top wealth management professionals. A breakdown of the 1,500+ already registered wealth management audience reveals:

72% of attending wealth management professionals are RIAs

60% of attendees are C-suite executives

52% of advisor attendees & 83% of firms attending directly manage more than $100M in assets

$767M is the average asset size of attending firms (firms over $5B in assets excluded)

163% is the 3-year average growth rate of attending firms

To gain exclusive insights from expert speakers, experience top-tier entertainment, and network with the leaders shaping the future of wealth management, register today. For more information, visit futureproofhq.com/festival.

About Future Proof

Launched in 2021, Future Proof has quickly become the world’s largest event brand dedicated to the modernization and advancement of the wealth and investment management industry. Future Proof organizes a variety of events throughout the calendar year, all of which leverage cutting-edge event technology to connect investors, financial advisors, fund managers, tech companies and financial services firms, helping them efficiently raise and allocate assets as well as make informed technology buying decisions.

An award-winning events company with event Net Promoter Scores consistently exceeding 70 and meetings satisfaction rates greater than 95%, Future Proof has pioneered many groundbreaking formats for the wealth and investment management industry, ranging from facilitated one-to-one meetings, peer group networking and hosted buyer programs to outdoor-centric festivals, citywide events and curated retreats.

For more information, visit futureproofhq.com or follow Future Proof on X, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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