Firefly Health Expands the Firefly Nearby Network, Enhancing the Bridge Between Virtual and In-Person Patient Care

The growing proprietary in-person care network gives patients fast, integrated access to essential care where and when is most convenient for them

WATERTOWN, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Firefly Health, a virtual-first care and healthcare coverage innovator, announces the expansion of Firefly Nearby, an exclusive network of care provider partners that complements Firefly’s 50-state virtual care infrastructure with complete in-person care nationwide. Firefly Nearby is a curated network of partners who all guarantee critical in-person services that are accessible to Firefly patients in their homes and communities. With the latest partnerships, 82.7% of the U.S. population could have coverage for in-home and in-person care within 15 miles of their home through Firefly.

“As our industry assesses the role virtual care plays in the future of our health system, we are increasingly seeing that when virtual care is disconnected from in-person care, the result is duplicative and expensive for patients and employers,” said Firefly Health CEO Fay Rotenberg. “With the primary care provider at the center of a tightly integrated ecosystem of partner networks like Firefly Nearby, we can address the in-person care needs of patients while managing costs more efficiently, ultimately creating a truly value-oriented primary care ecosystem.”

Firefly Health’s latest round of partnerships offers convenient in-person care options with best-in-class in-home care and testing providers. They include:

Ash Wellness: Enables Firefly to offer white-label at-home testing for hundreds of diagnostic markers. Patients self-collect their samples and send them to Ash’s network of CLIA/CAP lab partners to screen for infectious diseases, diabetes, cancers, heart health, weight management, and more. With this partnership, Firefly can increase reach, accessibility, and medication adherence in all 50 states.

Cataldo Ambulance: Offers mobile integrated health to Firefly patients across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Services include in-home physical exams, vitals, IV fluid/medication delivery, diabetes monitoring, electrocardiograms, lab draws, point of care testing, and more.

Getlabs: Provides an all-in-one technology platform to dispatch skilled medical specialists to their patients for at-home diagnostics. The company operates nationwide and is integrated with leading national laboratories, including Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics, for testing.

QT Medical, Inc.: Gives patients access to hospital-grade 12-lead electrocardiograms (ECG) at home (Xpress ECG service) via specialized portable, wireless, and cloud-connected cardiac diagnostic/monitoring devices (PCA 500). This enables integrated monitoring of in-home patients, and equips Firefly providers with tools to effectively detect potential health changes for early diagnosis and intervention.

Sprinter Health: Hybrid healthcare provider that combines technology and a full-stack medical practice to reimagine care at home. Sprinter offers Firefly patients across the U.S. convenient in-home visits, ultimately closing care gaps and equipping providers with actionable data to support better health.

United Ambulance of Maine: Services patients in Maine with lab draws, IV fluids, vitals checks, electrocardiograms, diabetic monitoring, and more.

“As we have developed the Firefly Nearby network, we’ve selectively developed partnerships with companies centered around providing quality care and reaching patients in all communities, both rural and urban,” said Firefly Health co-founder and chief network officer Jeff Greenberg, MD, MBA. “We want all patients to have diverse care options. As we continue to grow our in-person care network, we will continue to make good on the promise of comprehensive primary care, even for patients who live in remote areas and care deserts.”

Firefly Health tripled its membership in 2023 while continuing to lead the industry in both patient outcomes – exceeding NCQA benchmarks by 50-80% – and patient satisfaction rates, achieving a remarkable 97% post-visit satisfaction score. Firefly’s leadership in virtual care and integrated care standards resulted in the company’s participation in the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Virtual Care Pilot, an initiative that aims to define and elevate the standards of virtual care industry-wide.

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