Enable Announces 2024 Rebate Strategist Award Winners to Recognize its Customer Pioneers in Rebate Management

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AndrewButtEnable, the rebate management platform, announced today the winners of its Rebate Strategist Awards, which celebrates companies with outstanding rebate programs and the rebate strategists that make those programs successful.

All the nominees demonstrated a visionary, results-oriented approach to rebate management. The selected winners were companies who used rebates as strategic levers to achieve better business outcomes and improve their trading relationships.

2024 Rebate Strategist of the Year Award Winners:

NetPlus Alliance (NA)

Henderson Foodservice (EMEA)

Chemist Warehouse Australia (APAC)

Honorable Mentions:

Lightsource (EMEA), Rebate Management Excellence

TK Access Solutions (EMEA), Rebate Management Optimization

Caterforce (EMEA), Rebate Management Distinction

Arthur David (EMEA), Rebate Management Building Success

VM Materiaux (EMEA), Rebate Management Excellence

“The winners of the Rebate Strategist Awards are at the cutting edge of rebate strategy,” said Andrew Butt, Founder & CEO of Enable. “These are individuals and organizations who have taken control of their rebates, transforming them into an engine for growth. They understand that rebates are the grease of the supply chain and imperative for creating, building, and maintaining their trusted trading relationships. Each of the winners have a truly innovative approach to rebate management that sets them apart, and I look forward to where they take their programs next.”

Winners of the Rebate Strategist Awards see rebates as strategic tools to drive business outcomes and improve trading relationships. They approach rebate management with the understanding that rebates allow them to function as seamless extensions of their trading partners, facilitating teamwork, cooperation, shared success and increased loyalty.

The Rebate Strategist of the Year award winners will be acknowledged and celebrated at Catalyze, the annual conference for rebate strategists that will take place in Boston from May 8-9, 2024.


Enable helps manufacturers, distributors, and retailers take control of their rebate programs and turn them into an engine for growth. Starting with finance and commercial teams, Enable helps companies to better manage rebate complexity with automated real-time data and insights, accurate forecasting, and stronger cross-functional alignment. This lets companies — and everyone in their business — know exactly where they are with rebates. Then they can extend Enable externally to suppliers and customers, setting them up with one collaborative place to author, agree, execute, and track the progress of their trading relationships.


Kristen Grossi