Earnix Launches Pricing Accelerator to Address Market Changes With Agility and Speed

Pricing workflow uses advanced analytics, providing backbone to competitive strategies

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Earnix, the global provider of intelligent, composable, SaaS solutions for insurers, banks and auto lenders today announced Pricing Accelerator, a pricing management workflow that enables business users and pricing committees to make data-driven pricing decisions in real-time, accelerating organizational growth. Dynamic pricing backed by analytical modeling and optimization empowers users to tackle market changes like hikes in interest rates to remain competitive and profitable.

An expansion of Earnix Price-It, Pricing Accelerator transforms complex data and analytics into actionable intelligence. Leveraging Earnix’s vast experience in pricing and analytics, pricing managers gain more accuracy and agility for pricing processes. Purpose fit for pricing professionals and based on best practices, Pricing Accelerator lets pricing managers explore and visualize various pricing strategies and their potential impact on their portfolio performance.

With deep expertise in pricing and long relationships with financial institutions, Earnix understands that strategic pricing decisions require collaboration between analytical and business-oriented teams. Pricing Accelerator delivers dedicated workflows to different teams, while maintaining the underlying connection between them.

“With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Pricing Accelerator is set to revolutionize the way banks manage their pricing strategies,” said Be’eri Mart, global head of banking at Earnix. “The increase in interest rates has shown that only some lenders can quickly address market changes. Earnix levels the playing field so that all banking leaders can react rapidly and intelligently with pricing strategies that support faster, more profitable operations.”

Pricing Accelerator is now available to Earnix Banking and Auto Finance customers. For more information or to schedule a product demonstration, visit Earnix Pricing Accelerator: A Powerful Pricing Management Workflow with Simulation Capabilities.

About Earnix

Earnix is the premier provider of mission-critical composable and cloud-based intelligent solutions across pricing, rating, underwriting, product personalization and telematics. These fully integrated solutions provide ultra-fast ROI and are designed to transform how global insurers and banks are run by unlocking value across all facets of the business. It has been innovating for Insurers and Banks since 2001 with customers in over 35 countries across six continents and offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Israel.

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Jena Murphy