Does Not Having a Google Business Listing Hurt Your Company’s Reputation?

What Is a Google Business Listing?

Google My Business listing is a way for businesses to increase the chances of potential customers to contact them rather than one of their competitors. It is exactly what it sounds like, meaning that it contains the basics about a business such as its name, its location, its contact information, and its business hours. However, the prominence of Google means that a Google My Business listing can be seen by a lot of people out there.

In fact, chances are good that people have seen Google My Business listings belonging to other people. After all, they show up sandwiched between the ads and the search results in a search. Generally speaking, Google will show no more than a very small number of Google My Business listings that are relevant to the search. Still, it is possible for interested individuals to expand the section to see more of them. Besides this, it is worth mentioning that if a business is particularly relevant for the search, it will show up in further detail on the right side of the screen. Making it to the shortlist of Google My Business listings is good. However, making it to the right side of the screen is even better.

Why Do You Want a Google Business Listing?

Businesses want a Google My Business listing for the same reason that they want to show up in Google’s search results. Essentially, the majority of consumers will research their potential purchases using the Internet before making further decisions on the matter. Since Google is the single most popular search engine that can be found out there, this means that showing up on its search results is very important for lead generation efforts. Unfortunately, most people won’t pay attention beyond the first few results, which is why businesses should seek out the highest positions possible.

Having said this, Google My Business listings can be even more valuable for local businesses than Google’s search results. This is because they are local, meaning that interested parties are competing for positions with a much smaller number of other businesses. On top of that, Google My Business listings are extremely relevant to people looking for a particular product or service, meaning that they will receive more interest than Google’s search results.

Of course, just a Google My Business listing isn’t enough for true online marketing. Under ideal circumstances, businesses should consider it a way to get potential customers to check out the rest of their online presence. In turn, their online presence should be what convinces said individuals to become more and more interested in their offerings until said individuals become paying customers. Still, a Google My Business listing can be worth a lot of leads, meaning that it is worth putting serious effort into in spite of its simplicity.

Will Your Company’s Reputation Be Hurt If You Don’t Have a Google Business Listing?

Different businesses cater to different customers with different expectations. However, it seems reasonable to say that the lack of a Google My Business listing could hurt a business’s reputation.

In large part, this is because the use of Google for online marketing purposes has become so common that a Google My Business listing is considered to be the default. Thanks to this, if a business doesn’t have a Google My Business listing, that could cause various suspicions to show up. For example, some potential customers might see the business as lacking a clear online history. Something that is often interpreted in one of two ways, both of which are negative. One, the business is new, meaning that it is untested. Two, the business is a straight-up scam, which should be avoided. As such, a Google My Business listing can be seen as a useful building block for a business’s basic credibility in the modern world. Moving on, it is worth mentioning that potential customers can see a failure to meet their expectations as a warning sign to stay away from a business’s products and services. After all, if they are neglecting something so simple, what else might they be neglecting where the customer can’t see?

Besides this, the Google My Business listing can be a valuable tool for interested parties to build up their reputation. The more customers that they have, the more opportunities for building up their reputation in their community that they have. By not having a Google My Business listing, interested parties are passing up on a low-cost but high-value way to make themselves known. Something that is particularly true because it contains reviews as well.