Disabilities, an Aging Population, and Single Parent Households: FarmboxRx Report Uncovers Leading Barriers to Financial Stability and Food Access

FarmboxRx Surveyed 2,000 Individuals on Food Stamps for its SNAPshot of Food Insecurity Report, Shedding Light on the Current State of Hunger in America

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FarmboxRx, a food as engagement company who pioneered fresh fruits and vegetables as a covered Medicare and Medicaid health intervention, today unveiled its 2023 SNAPshot of Food Insecurity report. You can view the full report here: https://hello.farmboxrx.com/snapshot/.

FarmboxRx surveyed more than 2,000 individuals living on food stamps to uncover the socioeconomic, health and demographic factors that are causing food insecurity rates to skyrocket in the United States. According to the report, the top four contributors to food insecurity in American households today include:

Disability and Disease: Someone in the home is on disability or has a chronic medical condition (such as diabetes or cancer) that limits their ability to work and generate enough income.

Fixed Income, including Social Security: Someone in the home is on Social Security, receiving a fixed income that does not appropriately cover their expenses and food.

Age: Someone in the home is over the age of 65 and is either not working or unable to work

Single Parent: The household is a single-parent household with one source of income that is unable to cover the family’s expenses and food.

“As a single parent who started FarmboxRx after my own struggles to buy food while living off food stamps, I am well acquainted with the stark realities of food insecurity – and the prevalence of food deserts – in America,” said Ashley Tyrner CEO and Co-Founder of FarmboxRx. “Unfortunately, individuals living on food stamps have been hit with a tidal wave of reductions this year. I’m proud of the steps FarmboxRx has taken to close the hunger gap and introduce new ways to put food on the table.”

The report uncovers the top five states affected by food insecurity, including:

New York





Key cities within these states included:

Bronx (NY)

Cleveland (OH)

San Diego (CA)

Houston (TX)

Food insecurity today affects 17 million households in the United States, and more than 42 million Americans depend on SNAP benefits.

In March 2023, the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) ended, along with extended federal aid on SNAP benefits, thus reducing financial support in grocery purchases by $95-250 a person. Additionally, inflation drove the cost of food up by 11 percent. These factors, coupled with a continued high cost of living, have contributed to the rise in food insecurity amongst families and individuals.

To combat food insecurity, FarmboxRx launched Feed by FarmboxRx in June 2023, an application-based program designed to supply those affected by cuts to pandemic-era SNAP benefits with nutritious foods. More than 2,000 recipients received a total of six FarmboxRx boxes containing fresh produce and pantry staples, delivered to their doorstep each month, educational magazines to guide food preparation on nutritional wellness, and access to FarmboxRx’s contact center for support. Through this application process, FarmboxRx was able to analyze food insecurity patterns in the United States.

Among the key findings, the report reinforces data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Notably, individuals and families heavily rely on programs like SNAP to address food insecurity, and that SNAP recipients predominantly encompass 63% adults and 36% children in 2020.

The report found that individuals from diverse backgrounds unanimously echoed the sentiment that SNAP benefits were insufficient to meet their monthly food requirements, often resulting in running out of food before the end of each month. Examples included individuals with health issues like diabetes who couldn’t afford essential healthy foods, those just above the SNAP qualification threshold unable to cover expenses after a cost-of-living increase, and single parents struggling to feed their children adequately. These individuals sought support from programs like FarmboxRx to address their nutritional needs, alleviate financial stress, and enable them to prioritize other aspects of their lives. To learn more, visit www.farmboxrx.com.


For this report, FarmboxRx asked 2,000 individuals for their name, mailing address, SNAP status, household size, and for an open-ended description of why they were in need of FarmboxRx food deliveries. The FarmboxRx team then analyzed the data for recurring socioeconomic and health factors cited, including disability, social security, age, and whether the applicant was in a single vs. two-parent household.

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