COSIMO Ventures Celebrates Record-Setting Year, Prepares for Investor Demand in 2022

The 7-year old venture capital firm continues growth streak, spurred by innovative investments and new investor demand

BOSTON & DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#blockchainCOSIMO Ventures (“COSIMO”), a venture capital investment firm that provides investors access to high-potential blockchain projects through the world’s first tokenized, evergreen venture fund, announces another year of impressive growth resulting from investor demand for lucrative, high-growth investment opportunities in the blockchain and decentralized finance sectors.

Over the course of 2021, COSIMO participated in over 17 deals invested in high-growth blockchain and DeFi projects. Notable investments include participating in funding rounds for Casper Labs, Hedera, Archax and Dusk Network.

“COSIMO Ventures’ impressive growth this year would not have been possible without the trust of our investors, our passionate team and the success of the firms we invest in as they continue to build disruptive technologies that are poised to change the financial system as we know it,” says Robert Frasca, managing partner at COSIMO Ventures. “As pioneers in this space, we are looking forward to expanding our investor base and investing in new, promising technologies for 2022 and we’re thrilled with the success we saw in 2021.”

In addition to AUM growth and deal flow, COSIMO Ventures also brought its COSIMO X token, which provides investors direct, tokenized access to the venture fund, to Securitize Markets, one of the leading secondary markets for alternative and digital asset trading. The addition of the token on this secondary trading platform improves the venture fund’s liquidity and reach, bringing the investment opportunity to a larger audience, a key goal of COSIMO in 2022.

Alongside growth of the COSIMO X fund, the COSIMO team will continue to search for unique investment opportunities especially in the growing non-fungible token (“NFT”) sector which the COSIMO team believes has immense potential with regards to decentralized digital rights management. Furthermore, the team will look to provide continued guidance for its existing portfolio companies and seek to drive strong returns for its investor base.

“We launched the world’s first tokenized, evergreen crypto venture fund in 2019 to democratize venture investing and give investors incredible access and diversification to high-growth potential blockchain opportunities,” says Frasca. “We’re proud of the incredible value we’ve delivered to our investors and look forward to another year of immense growth as we continue to tap into the greatest value creation event of our lifetime.”

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COSIMO Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in and providing access to emerging blockchain technologies through the world’s first tokenized, evergreen fund, COSIMO X. Founded in 2014, with offices in Boston, New York and Dublin, COSIMO Ventures is a pioneer in the next wave of digital disruption. The firm invests globally in high-profile blockchain, crypto and deep technologies. More information can be found at


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