Compliance Scorecard Unveils Strategic Alliance Program to Help MSPs Elevate Compliance Posture

Leading the Charge in Governance-as-a-Service Solutions, Compliance Scorecard Collaborates with Technology Vendors to Streamline the Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Process

DOVER, N.H.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Compliance Scorecard™, a Governance-as-a-Service solution created by MSPs for MSPs, today unveiled its new Strategic Alliance Program aimed at enhancing the cybersecurity offerings of each partner and collectively improving service delivery to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients.

The Compliance Scorecard program is designed to foster a collaborative, open, and innovative environment by offering a broad spectrum of integrated tools and services to meet ever-changing compliance standards across multiple sectors. Alliance partners gain access to diverse services and revenue streams that enable business growth, product enhancement, and sustained competitiveness in the market.

“We believe our open ecosystem is a powerful differentiator for delivering flexibility and value to MSPs while providing opportunities for our partners to capitalize and collaborate on new technology,” said Tim Golden, CEO, Compliance Scorecard. “Our program is built on curating top-tier governance solutions from diverse partners, magnifying their effectiveness, and facilitating seamless interoperability.”

In addition to creating upside for partners, Compliance Scorecard’s customers will benefit from the program, gaining greater support through third-party integrations along with access to a roster of certified service providers who have expertise in implementing governance and compliance programs. MSPs can elevate their compliance offerings, streamline technical operations, and deliver superior service to their clients. This program allows MSPs to extend their expertise with a variety of value-added services, backed by a dedicated team committed to addressing business challenges and providing a personalized experience.

Strategic Alliance Partners enjoy benefits including:

API Integration – Facilitates technical integration between partner systems to ensure seamless service delivery.

Co-Marketing – Includes joint marketing efforts such as webinars, white papers, and promotional events to enhance reach and influence.

Revenue Sharing Models – Offers various financial models including referral programs and licensing agreements to ensure mutual profitability.

The Compliance Scorecard Alliance Program is making significant strides demonstrating its impact on governance, risk and compliance efforts.

“Governance, risk and compliance programs for MSPs of all sizes have become more critical as part of their offered services, and Compliance Scorecard has put together a program that is flexible and supportive for the variety of needs,” said Frank Raimondi, VP of Channel Alliances and Partnerships for IGI CyberSecurity and Nodeware. “As a partner with the Compliance Scorecard, Nodeware is excited for what our integration can do to help MSPs, and their customers get the reporting and other compliance requirements taken care of simply and efficiently.”

“Effective governance is difficult, especially with the diverse frameworks out there – Compliance Scorecard greatly simplifies this for the technical providers.”

“Compliance Scorecard is the one tool I have seen that makes risk management achievable for clients and technical providers,” said Adam Walte, President, Humanize IT. “Managed compliance is a staple for MSPs and Compliance Scorecard is necessary for delivering this service with confidence.”

Michelle Accardi, CEO of Liongard, stated, “The Compliance Scorecard Strategic Alliance Program, in which Liongard participates, represents a significant step forward in governance, risk, and compliance offerings. It distinguishes itself by providing unmatched flexibility and support for our diverse models. The program, comprising industry leaders in technology, cybersecurity, and compliance, offers us unparalleled expertise and support, all aimed at elevating our clients’ compliance posture.”

“Compliance Scorecard allows our partner community to address a huge gap in the GRC space which is the simplicity of ensuring customers can meet compliance requirements,” said Craig Sandman, CEO of Symbol Security. “With the current trend pushing more customers to outsource this expertise, our partners need a scalable and effective solution and the team at Compliance Scorecard have provided just that.”

Learn more about the Compliance Scorecard ecosystem here.

About Compliance Scorecard™

Compliance Scorecard™ is a leading provider of Governance-as-a-Service solutions for Managed Service Providers. Created by an MSP for MSPs, the company streamlines compliance operations for MSPs, turning compliance management into a strategic practice that allows MSPs to scale. Compliance Scorecard provides MSPs across the globe with policies and procedures tailored to meet specific regulatory and industry compliance standards and adhere to standard cybersecurity practices. Offering both product and peer-group solutions, Compliance Scorecard’s combination of expertise, support, and product put it in a unique position to help MSPs master any GRC (Governance Risk and Compliance) related challenge.


Kim Pegnato