Coastal Community Bank Launches ZEscrow, Powered by ZSuite Tech, to Enhance Commercial Deposit Growth and Customer Service

WESTWOOD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Fintech–Coastal Community Bank, a financial institution in Western Washington with $3.4 billion in total assets, is proud to announce the launch of ZEscrow, a cutting-edge digital escrow subaccounting solution developed by ZSuite Tech. With the implementation of ZEscrow, Coastal Community Bank aims to revolutionize its commercial deposit services and elevate its commitment to providing exceptional business customer experiences.

Coastal Community Bank recognized the immense potential of ZEscrow as a means to achieve its overarching goal of bolstering low-cost commercial deposits. By integrating this innovative platform into its operations, the bank is set to better serve its existing customer base while simultaneously attracting new commercial customers throughout Western Washington.

The decision to partner with ZSuite Tech and adopt ZEscrow was driven by a deep-rooted commitment to meeting the evolving needs of Coastal Community Bank’s valued clientele. The innovative features and customer-focused capabilities of ZEscrow align seamlessly with the bank’s core values.

ZEscrow offers a range of benefits to Coastal Community Bank and its customers. The platform provides a streamlined and efficient process for managing escrow subaccounting, while also empowering businesses with greater control and transparency in their financial dealings. With its user-friendly interface, ZEscrow simplifies the management of commercial deposits, saving valuable time and effort for both the bank and its customers.

In the words of Eric Sprink, CEO of Coastal Community Bank, “We are thrilled to introduce ZEscrow to our valued customers. This strategic investment in new technology reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and delivering outstanding financial services to businesses. ZEscrow will empower our customers with greater flexibility and control over their commercial deposits, enabling them to focus on what they do best: growing their businesses.”

About ZSuite Tech

ZSuite Tech is a financial technology company that aims to power financial institutions with digital escrow products for specific commercial verticals that they can offer to their clients. ZSuite’s products, ZRent and ZEscrow, streamline collection of recurring payments and automate the management and compliance around multi-use escrow and subaccounting processes.

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