Catchlight Brings Growth Insights to Wealthbox

New integration adds AI-driven lead scores and insights to Wealthbox’s CRM, helping to prioritize advisors’ prospects and empowering engagement

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Catchlight, a data driven growth engine for financial advisors, has added an integration with Wealthbox, a leading CRM software platform. The connection creates an intuitive sync of information, matching leads in Wealthbox with Catchlight’s enriched profile data including the lead’s Catchlight Score. This can save advisors valuable time and provide insights-based engagement ideas for prospective clients. Enabled within their existing workflow, advisors can more quickly answer the questions: “Who should I engage next? And how should I tune my pitch?”

Catchlight draws on institution-grade data and artificial intelligence to transform time-consuming, manual lead research into automated, scalable and repeatable discovery.

By syncing Catchlight’s enriched lead profiles with Wealthbox, advisors can gain a clearer view of their prospects’ key financial attributes within the CRM environment. The integration can bring estimated investable assets, income range, age range, and financial interests to each prospect’s profile, as well as their individual Catchlight Score, which ranks their likelihood of becoming a client based on a proprietary model trained on a growing set over 100,000 conversions. Equipped with enriched profiles within Wealthbox, advisors can prioritize, track, and manage their prospecting efforts with even greater efficiency and personalization.

“The modern, integration-friendly design of Wealthbox lets us bring the power of Catchlight right into the heart of an advisor’s daily workflow,” said Yelena Melamed, Catchlight’s co-founder and head of product. “Whether their leads come from referrals, digital marketing, or other channels, advisors can quickly prioritize and coordinate their business development efforts and see each lead’s top attributes within the Wealthbox platform.”

“Catchlight sees the value of technology that meets advisors where they’re at, and we’re excited to bring the potential of their lead insights to our platform,” said John Rourke, CEO of Wealthbox. “This two-way integration will eliminate redundant, manual data entry and open the way for even more advisors to adopt a tool that can accelerate their business development efforts.”

To learn more about Catchlight’s integration with Wealthbox, click here to register for a joint webinar on Dec 15th.

About Catchlight

Founded in 2020, Catchlight is dedicated to helping advisors be more efficient in their outreach, personalize their approach, and be increasingly effective in converting leads to new clients. Through rich data intelligence and proprietary AI powered insights for sales and marketing, Catchlight can highlight advisor’s key opportunities. Catchlight helps advisors efficiently explore which leads to pitch and how to best engage them. For more information, visit or email at Follow Catchlight on LinkedIn and Twitter. ©2022 Catchlight Insights LLC. All rights reserved.



Mark Grandstaff

Gregory FCA for Catchlight