Breckinridge Capital Advisors Launches Dividend Income Strategy

Firm expands its investment offerings to include high quality dividend equities, further advancing investors’ pursuit of income

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Breckinridge Capital Advisors, an independently owned asset manager specializing in providing the highest caliber of investment management, announced today its expansion into dividend equities with the launch of its new High Quality Dividend Strategy and Sustainable High Quality Dividend Strategy. Josh Perez, CFA, Portfolio Manager and Director, Corporate Research, will manage the strategies with oversight from Ognjen Sosa, the firm’s Chief Investment Officer.

The High Quality Dividend Strategy leverages Breckinridge’s expertise in fundamental bottom-up credit research, applying the firm’s corporate credit ratings to systematically identify high quality, large cap companies with a strong record of paying dividends. The Sustainable High Quality Dividend Strategy uses the same approach while also emphasizing environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors.

As the economy transitions away from an extended era of easy money, equity investors may value an approach that examines companies through the careful lens of fixed income research. Breckinridge’s rigorous fundamental analysis is combined with a rules-based portfolio construction methodology to select companies with a history of balance sheet strength and proven profitability that Breckinridge believes is needed to sustain and grow dividends over the long-term.

“Our research has shown that a company’s credit quality historically has been a reliable predictor of the robustness of its dividend, especially in times of economic distress,” said Sosa. “Leveraging our fixed income heritage and expertise and relying on our bottom-up credit research and forward-looking approach, we believe our dividend income strategies will complement our existing capabilities providing investors with a differentiated equity SMA offering.”

Breckinridge brings 30 years of experience in successfully managing fixed income portfolios, and more than a decade of experience in analyzing ESG factors to help identify non-financial risks. The firm will continue on its mission of seeking to provide the highest caliber of investment management through fundamental strategies aligned with the goals of long-term investors.

“Breckinridge has always worked to provide high quality investment solutions through a disciplined and well-structured process,” said Peter Coffin, Founder and President of Breckinridge Capital Advisors. “By offering the High Quality Dividend strategies through separately managed accounts with optional tax-aware management capabilities, we are also leveraging the efficiency and scale of Breckinridge’s proprietary technology.”

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