Bluespring Wealth Partners Selects Catchlight to Help Power New Blueprint for Growth Initiative

Catchlight’s data and AI-driven insights help advisors drive success throughout their entire lead funnel

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Catchlight has been chosen by Bluespring Wealth Partners LLC, an industry-leading acquirer and partner of best-in-class wealth management firms, to infuse every stage of their advisors’ lead funnel with data insights to accelerate organic growth. Soon, the first wave of Bluespring partner firms will be able to leverage a tech-enhanced strategy to drive growth using Catchlight’s prospect insights, AI-driven prioritization, personalized engagement, and campaign feedback.

Catchlight’s focus on measurable, repeatable, and scalable prospecting aligns with Bluespring’s vision of enabling growth engines within its partner firms. Advisors at Bluespring affiliated firms have expressed eagerness to put Catchlight’s insights and feedback to work in lockstep with a larger growth initiative, the Bluespring Blueprint for Growth.

Developed over the course of several months, the Bluespring Blueprint for Growth brings together specific technology and tools, along with strategy and sales coaching, into a comprehensive program that empowers advisors to drive growth and at the same time gives Bluespring unique visibility into what is working and how to scale.

“Sustainable, organic growth is vital for the health of any advisory firm, but the actual process of achieving that kind of growth has, until now, been difficult for firms to visualize and scale,” said David Canter, President of Bluespring. “Catchlight not only gives our advisors a way to find and engage their best leads more effectively, but also a way to understand how they did it and build on that understanding for even more wins. We are creating a flywheel for growth that can drive long-term success for our partner firms.”

Through this initiative, Bluespring and their advisors will gain unprecedented visibility into their prospecting efforts. Catchlight’s data-driven research, prioritization and outreach will enable advisors to win back precious client-facing time as they make more informed decisions about how to allocate their resources.

“We built Catchlight to help advisors improve their prospecting efforts, and also to help leaders see what is working or not working across their firms,” said Wilbur Swan, CEO and Co-Founder of Catchlight. “Our lead insights will now underpin one of the most ambitious strategies for sustained, organic growth we have seen in the marketplace, and we’re thrilled to be a key component of the success engine that Bluespring is creating for their advisors.”

About Catchlight

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Mark Grandstaff

Gregory FCA for Catchlight