Artificial Intelligence Governance Expert Anthony Habayeb Available to Discuss Responsible and Ethical AI in the Insurance, Financial Services and Regulated Industries

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Anthony Habayeb, co-founder and CEO of Monitaur, an AI governance software company, is available to offer insights on the challenges and opportunities of building and deploying responsible and ethical AI in insurance, financial services, healthcare, and other regulated industries.

Monitaur provides artificial intelligence (AI) governance software and support for multinational insurance carriers, such as Unum and Progressive, as well as AI-providers to the insurance, financial services, and healthcare industries.

Habayeb is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) governance visionary and industry commentator. He has extensive experience in leading technology companies in this field and can speak on a range of topics, including deployment of AI- and ML-enabled tools, imperatives for governance and risk, safer and faster AI innovation, and how governance processes can enhance value for companies, their customers and shareholders.

The regulatory landscape for AI in the U.S. is evolving rapidly. Habayeb can offer expert commentary on topics such as:

Executive order from President Biden on safe, secure, and trustworthy artificial intelligence, announced October 30, 2023.

How regulated companies can synthesize the many different requirements of AI regulation and industry rules into operational execution, and the challenges of developing and implementing AI solutions in a fast-changing regulatory environment

The patchwork of regulatory frameworks at the state and local level, especially anti-discrimination law for insurers doing business in Colorado and an executive order concerning generative AI in California

The urgency for compliance, e.g. life insurers have until December 1, 2024 to comply with the Colorado law and get an AI risk management framework in place

The impact of international debate about AI safety and foreign laws, including the AI Safety Summit taking place in the United Kingdom on November 1 and 2, and the European Union AI Act which is set for agreement by end of 2023

In addition, he can provide insights on:

How AI governance can safeguard business reputations and revenue by supporting transparency, fairness, safety and compliance for high-impact AI systems

Why AI governance is an enabler of innovation, advancing the shared interests of business executives, AI/ML development teams, and governance organizations

How governance demands (corporate and regulatory) are changing responsibilities and career opportunities for AI technologists

How Monitaur’s Machine Learning Assurance Platform enables regulated companies to confidently implement AI governance

How Monitaur’s partnerships with Guidewire Insurtech Vanguards, CAPE Analytics, Human Security, the Global Insurtech 100, and other industry leaders are advancing AI governance for both enterprises and AI startups serving regulated industries

Habayeb is available for interviews via email, phone or video call. He can respond to media inquiries within 24 hours or less. He is based in Boston, Massachusetts.


To request an interview with Habayeb please contact More information about Monitaur’s products, customers, partners and vision is available on its website.