Are Credit Rating Agencies Broken? BC-GUMPS Sheds Light in New Whitepaper on Corporate Credit Evaluation

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BC-GUMPS, a leading asset management firm specializing in episodic and asymmetric investment strategies, has unveiled its latest whitepaper titled “Evaluating Corporate Credit: A Superior Method for Credit Analysis.” This research presents an innovative approach to credit analysis, offering a fresh perspective on evaluating corporate creditworthiness that diverges substantially from accepted industry and credit rating norms.

One of the key highlights of the whitepaper is the in-depth analysis of the flaws inherent in standard industry credit analysis. Illustrated through a careful study of credit assessment for two technology companies, BC-GUMPS uncovers critical shortcomings and challenges in the conventional credit rating methodologies employed by leading rating agencies.

“We are excited to release this latest research,” said David Daglio. “The paper provides people with a deeper understanding of the flaws in traditional credit analysis, including those found in leading rating agencies such as Moody’s. Our goal is to demonstrate a more reliable and robust framework for evaluating corporate creditworthiness.”

“Evaluating Corporate Credit” joins a growing trove of research published by BC-GUMPS, all aiming to equip investors and analysts with well-researched theses and alternative ways of thinking about financial markets.

To access the full whitepaper and gain valuable insights into evaluating corporate credit and the flaws in leading rating agencies’ credit analysis, please click here.


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