AirTank Announces CareCart – a First-of-Its-Kind eCommerce Platform Built Exclusively for the Healthcare and Medical Technology Sectors

PETERBOROUGH, N.H.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#carecartsoftwareAirTank, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of CareCart, the first eCommerce platform of its kind developed exclusively for the medical technology and healthcare sectors. Already a leader in medical device and healthcare eCommerce digital marketing, AirTank recognized a need for an industry-specific platform to ease clients’ most common pain points. Powered by AirTank’s existing eCommerce platform, ZiftrShop, CareCart is an agile, scalable solution built with the specific needs and compliance requirements of medical and healthcare applications in mind.

“Healthcare and MedTech eCommerce is scheduled to grow by 20% (according to a Whitepaper published by Healthcare Industry experts on the CareCart team). However, eCommerce platforms aren’t built for the unique needs of the Healthcare/Medical Technology space. Including consumer privacy and compliance, complex workflows and integrations,” explains AirTank’s Vice President of Business Development, Stephen Cuccio, “CareCart is built to simplify this complex world through its compliance and API-first architecture.”

CareCart is the first, and only Healthcare focused eCommerce platform designed to comply with HIPPA, PCI, SOC, ADA, and more – right out of the box. CareCart is already proving its scale and has processed over $100 Million in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). As customers’ expectations around privacy and security increase, brands need to connect across a complex ecosystem of technology to provide that integrated and secure experience. CareCart is about giving brands, marketing, and IT teams back the time they would have spent navigating these integration needs, as well as the complex rules and regulations governing the healthcare sector, and getting them back to strategic value-driven work.

As a direct result of transitioning to CareCart, SoClean experienced a 64% decrease in average server response time and a 46% decrease in average page download time.

“The feedback is that CareCart is poised to be an industry disrupter,” says Cuccio, “clients who have trialed the platform report more scalability, an easier ability to make informed decisions based on data, and increased revenue from a Healthcare-Specific platform.”

If you want to learn more about the CareCart platform, you can connect with the AirTank team at or visit

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Stephen Cuccio, Vice President of Business Development, AirTank
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