Advisors Excel Teams With Catchlight To Boost Organic Growth With AI-Driven Insights

$18.5B, national RIA will use Catchlight to customize and scale prospecting efforts

BOSTON & TOPEKA, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–To accelerate organic growth and create hyper-relevant engagement with prospective new clients, Advisors Excel, an industry-leading financial services company, will make Catchlight available to their advisors across the U.S.

Advisors Excel’s advisors will use Catchlight’s data–driven insights and proprietary artificial intelligence to better understand and prioritize their leads. Catchlight distills up to 2,000 data points on leads into unique profiles which highlight specific and important financial life characteristics of the leads. Catchlight’s AI then scores leads based on their likelihood to convert, helping Advisors Excel’s advisors answer their most challenging growth questions: “Who should I call next? And what are they interested in?”

“When most prospects’ inboxes are already stuffed full of generic pitches from advisors around the nation, we stand out by showing we understand who we’re talking to and our unique value proposition to support them,” said Matt Neuman, Chief Strategy Officer of Advisors Excel. “Catchlight’s technology lets us accelerate and scale our ability to learn about our leads, understand their financial goals, and speak directly to those needs in a way we could never have imagined even a few years ago.”

The data, insights and suggested actions surfaced by Catchlight can open new avenues of engagement and business intelligence for the $18.5B AUM firm. The Catchlight Score of each lead ranks their likelihood of becoming a client based on Catchlight’s proprietary AI model, indicating where an advisor’s efforts might be the most fruitful. Catchlight’s enriched profiles spotlight key characteristics such as estimated assets, age and income ranges, financial interests, and hobbies. Equipped with this unique insight, Advisors Excel can improve engagement with suggested topics and personalized outreach. Measurement of a lead’s social connections, and other holistic profile elements create additional ways to segment and prioritize clients beyond chasing after investable assets alone.

“Advisors Excel understands that an RIA at the enterprise level needs scale and efficiency, but never at the cost of a great client experience,” said Wilbur Swan, CEO of Catchlight. “The average advisor spends 6 hours every week researching leads by hand. We would be thrilled just to give that time back to their advisors, but the real magic happens when Advisors Excel turns lead insights into action and improves prospecting outcomes.”

About Catchlight

Founded in 2020, Catchlight is dedicated to helping advisors be more efficient in their outreach, personalize their approach, and be increasingly effective in converting leads to new clients. Through rich data intelligence and proprietary AI powered insights for sales and marketing, Catchlight pinpoints an advisor’s best opportunities. Catchlight helps advisors quickly identify which leads to pitch and how to best engage them. For more information, visit or email at Follow Catchlight on LinkedIn and Twitter. ©2023 Catchlight Insights LLC. All rights reserved.

About Advisors Excel

Advisors Excel, founded in 2005, has redefined a marketing organization’s role in supporting independent financial advisors. Its growth has been unparalleled in the industry and is achieved by working with a smaller group of select advisors. With a focus on making good advisors great business owners, Advisors Excel has revolutionized how financial professionals build and operate their businesses.

In 2022, the more than 500 advisors working with Advisors Excel did more than $12.2 billion in annuity, Medicare, and life insurance production. Its affiliated Registered Investment Advisory Firm, AE Wealth Management, currently manages $18.5 billion and has been named one of the fastest-growing RIAs in the country.

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