733Park Brings Veterinary SaaS Platform to Market

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#digitalmedia–733Park Inc. is pleased to announce that it is bringing a rapidly growing Veterinary SaaS platform to market under the name “Project Glory”.

Project Glory, a leading B2B SaaS veterinary media platform revolutionizing pet care, is achieving remarkable success. Recognized as the #1 performance leader in the veterinary marketing space, the platform serviced 300 veterinary practices in 2023 and is close to signing 135 potential new clients. The creation of over 2,000 educational videos by veterinarians highlights Project Glory’s robust B2B2C engagement and potential for further monetization and growth. The platform also boasts an extremely low churn rate, underlining its strong market position.

This impressive growth trajectory is supported by its record-breaking turnout at a key veterinary trade show, where the company’s speaking event attracted over 450 practice leaders and generated tenfold more leads than in previous years. YTD revenues have increased by 44% YOY, with about 1,000 new client leads in the pipeline, setting the company up for continued rapid growth. New and expanding partnerships with large corporate groups could add close to an additional $1M in ARR for 2024. A new website launch aims to monetize the extensive pet owner market, valued at over $140 billion, in addition to serving the veterinarian market.

733Park is proud to support Project Glory in its innovative approach and continued success in the veterinary field.

“We are bringing more and more SaaS acquisition opportunities to market that have growth between 10-50% and with healthy EBITDA margins,” Lane Gordon, founder of 733Park, stated. “’Project Glory’ represents an opportunity to acquire a majority stake in a rapidly growing veterinary digital marketing platform. The founders want to stay on and grow the platform and have a second bite of the apple with a like-minded investor who shares their vision. For interested investors looking for growth potential beyond the veterinary space, the platform has a proven ability to be extended into numerous adjacent markets, including but not limited to dental, chiropractic, elective medical, and other verticals where patients/clients are evaluating a potential practitioner and want to educate and familiarize themselves with the practice via the website, content, videos, reviews, and social media before making their decision.”

For more information about Project Glory, the described SaaS digital media veterinary platform, please request the NDA from info@733Park.com.

About 733Park

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About Project Glory

For further information on Project Glory, click on the hyperlink above or visit: https://www.733park.com/Current_Offerings

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