4AIR Launches Regulatory Monitoring & Compliance Program to Meet National and International Aviation & ESG Reporting Requirements

With Changing & Expanding National and International Emissions Reporting Programs, 4AIR Helps Aircraft Operators Stay Compliant

Turnkey Program Puts Regulatory Compliance on Autopilot, Even When Operators May Not Know They Are Subject to a Requirement

Helps Operators and Corporate Flight Departments Monitor and Fulfill Requirements for CORSIA & Emissions Trading Schemes Worldwide

Collects & Automates Reporting Data for Corporate ESG Requirements including Documenting and Verifying Reductions from SAF

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–4AIR, the first and only rating system focused on comprehensive sustainability in aviation, today announced that it has launched a Regulatory Monitoring & Compliance Program. The new turnkey compliance program helps operators monitor their potential obligations to rapidly changing and multiplying national or transnational aircraft emissions reporting requirements and to fulfill those obligations automatically, accurately and efficiently.

As governments fight climate change, they are establishing and expanding emissions trading schemes (ETS) and other regulatory programs that require operators to report and address their aircraft emissions. The compliance reporting requirements have multiplied in recent years, and a reporting obligation could be triggered by something as simple as flying to, from or within a participating country. The 4AIR Regulatory Compliance Program automatically monitors operators’ flight activity to check and forecast any potential compliance obligations and then helps them meet reporting requirements.

The program is limited not only to aviation regulatory programs. As more corporations disclose and make progress towards their own decarbonization goals, corporate flight departments and other operators need accurate reporting data to share with their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) departments. 4AIR automatically aggregates necessary data and shares reporting guidelines for ESG departments, including emission reductions from the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). 4AIR aggregates and verifies required documentation for claiming reductions from SAF against aviation regulatory obligations and voluntary reporting schemes.

“4AIR’s purpose is to make sustainability more accessible and turnkey, and so far that has been focused on aligned-voluntary programs that meet or exceed industry goals,” said Kennedy Ricci, 4AIR’s President. “With the growing number of environmental regulatory obligations and their changing requirements, we wanted to add a turnkey tool for compliance with regulatory requirements as well to ensure our clients are always armed with the information needed to validate their sustainability efforts.”

How It Works

4AIR’s subscription-based Regulatory Monitoring & Compliance Program monitors flying activity and destinations to alert aircraft owners and operators of potential compliance obligations. Should a threshold be triggered or an aircraft be flown in a country or region which requires reporting of emissions, 4AIR alerts the subscriber and provides a full-service package for compliance. The program includes:

Automatic monitoring of flight activity for potential exposure to an environmental scheme and forecasting whether annual reporting thresholds are likely to be exceeded;

Issuing regular carbon footprint reports to meet ESG requirements, including baseline footprints, as well as documenting the reductions from the use of SAF and carbon offsets;

Verifying and documenting the reductions from SAF as needed for ESG regulatory reporting or for claiming reductions to reduce aviation compliance obligations;

Conducting ESG materiality assessments for corporate flight departments;

Providing a turnkey and full-service program to monitor and report emissions to all appropriate governing agencies;

Hedging allowance expenses to provide better cost predictability and save operators money;

Acting as an authorized representative for carbon allowance trading accounts; and,

Continuously monitoring changes to the reporting requirements, thresholds and restrictions implemented by governing agencies.

4AIR will draft the necessary monitoring procedures, provide internal quality assurance checks, complete annual reports, bring in third-party auditors, provide allowances and ensure operators are compliant in light of changing and expanding environmental obligations.

4AIR alleviates the burden on operators in keeping track of the many emissions trading programs and their changing scopes, ensuring operators are flying compliant. It serves as a regulatory autopilot for global emissions trading systems including:

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Carbon Offsetting and Reduction; Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA);

Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS);

European Union

United Kingdom




As well as monitoring other programs for new or changing thresholds.

“4AIR is about making sustainability turnkey in all its forms, and this includes regulatory and corporate ESG reporting requirements. Especially as more regions, states and countries are changing thresholds and implementing new – and occasionally overlapping – environmental reporting programs, our program is designed to take that compliance burden off of our partners,” said Nancy Bsales, 4AIR’s Chief Operating Officer.

For more information on the 4AIR Regulatory Monitoring & Compliance Program, visit https://www.4air.aero/regulatory-compliance.

About 4AIR

4AIR is an industry pioneer offering sustainability solutions beyond just simple carbon neutrality. Its industry-first framework seeks to address climate impacts of all types and provides a simplified and verifiable path for private aviation industry participants to achieve meaningful aircraft emissions counteraction and reduction.

The 4AIR framework offers four levels, each with specific, science-based goals, independently verified results and progressively greater impacts on sustainability that make it easy for private aviation users to pursue sustainability through access to carbon markets, use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, support for new technologies and other strategies.

For more information, visit us at www.4air.aero.


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