Windham Labs Launches Stress Test Software

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Windham Labs, a financial technology and advisory division of Windham Capital Management, announced the launch of Stress Test Lab.

Windham’s Stress Test Lab is a new analytical software enabling central banks, regulators, portfolio managers, and asset owners to evaluate economic stress scenarios and probabilities based on a solid scientific foundation that eliminates the biases and guesswork of conventional approaches.

Stress Test Lab models the probabilities of stress scenarios using a measure of statistical similarity to prevailing economic conditions or the historical norm. It shows how to modify scenario specifications to reconcile empirically driven probabilities with the analyst’s views. Stress Test Lab also features model adjustments to change the assumption of a theoretical world of normality to one that is empirically grounded.

Stress Test Lab complements Windham Lab’s suite of portfolio construction and asset allocation software solutions. Founders Mark Kritzman and Cel Kulasekaran believe Windham’s unique technology serves a demand that the financial industry has not yet addressed in a sophisticated way.

About Windham Labs

Founded in 2004, Windham Labs is the software and advisory division of Windham Capital Management which offers a sophisticated suite of portfolio construction and risk management software. These technologies embody the many innovations Windham has brought to industry. Windham Labs also provides model delivery, risk signals, asset allocation, and factor analytics via its advisory services.


Cory Krzanik