Whiteboards.io Launches as Appfire’s First Expansion into Platform Agnostic Apps

New version of Whiteboards provides collaborative space for remote software and product teams to work together in real time

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Appfire, an enterprise collaboration software company that enables teams to plan and deliver their best work, is launching Whiteboards.io, marking a historic first step outside of the Atlassian ecosystem for the company. Whiteboards.io is a new iteration of the popular Whiteboards for Jira and Whiteboards for Confluence apps, and will offer customers the same deep integrations and features as the original, plus the additional option of live video calls while collaborating on the virtual whiteboard. This milestone signals a new era and shift in Appfire’s overall business model, as the company begins to launch standalone products that transcend development environments and help teams collaborate, no matter how, where, or when they work.

Prior to this standalone launch, Whiteboards developed a passionate following as a purpose-built resource that drastically outpaces competing whiteboard solutions. Designed as a single tool for all Agile team activities, Whiteboards.io is an answer to major pain points plaguing software and product teams, from lack of connectivity to crucial Agile planning tools to difficulties communicating complex ideas across functional teams and manual ideas transfer between other tools and their work management systems. Whiteboards.io is built from the Agile team perspective with deep two-way Jira and Confluence integration, making it a distant frontrunner in its class for flexibility, reusability, and support for both real-time and asynchronous collaboration. With Whiteboards.io, team members have a collaborative space where they can work together on brainstorming, planning, prioritizations, retrospectives, or user story mapping, and more.

“The launch of Whiteboards.io marks a significant milestone in Appfire’s mission to equip and connect every team to deliver their best work,” said Maciej Saganowski, Director of Product – Whiteboards at Appfire. “As the world becomes accustomed to a more permanent distributed work environment, having a tool where individuals can work together in real time is essential to boosting the productivity of remote teams.”

Features of Whiteboards.io include easy diagramming, drawing tools, templates, or multi-user collaboration to help teams communicate, visualize complex ideas and keep in sync. Unlike any other tool, Whiteboards.io allows teams to instantly transfer data and decisions between the whiteboard and Jira. Users can populate their whiteboard with existing Jira issues and edit, update, or rank them with all changes synced to Jira. In addition, teams are able to kick off events quickly with reusable processes from the always-updating, easy-to-access Whiteboards.io templates library.

For more information, pricing, and insights from the Whiteboards.io blog, please visit https://whiteboards.io/.

About Appfire

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Josh Payne, PR Director


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