University of Phoenix Vice President of Analytics, Avinash Tripathi, Speaks at CDAO Summit in Boston

Tripathi joins esteemed group of data analytics leaders for the event

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–University of Phoenix is pleased to highlight Avinash Tripathi’s impactful participation in the recently concluded CDAO Fall 2023 Summit, hosted by Corinium Global Intelligence. This prestigious event, held October 5 in Boston, featured Tripathi as both a speaker and panelist sharing valuable insights on data storytelling and the importance of talent in fostering a data-driven culture.

“I’m honored to once again be a part of the CDAO Summit,” shares Tripathi. “The world of data and analytics is evolving rapidly, and it’s crucial for industry leaders to stay ahead of the curve. We’re seeing an increasing influence of intelligence through AI and machine learning, the growing significance of data governance, an emphasis on data-driven decision-making, and a surging demand for data science and analytics professionals. Together, we can navigate these exciting changes and continue to drive data excellence.”

Corinium Global Intelligence, a global community built with over 500,000 senior data and analytics decision-makers, organized the event with a mission to deliver in-depth business insights, advice, and tools to accelerate data analytics strategies for professionals in the field.

During his solo session, Avinash Tripathi discussed “Telling the data story: absorbing complexities and delivering simplicity,” emphasizing the vital role of data storytelling in decision-making. He highlighted how effective data storytelling can significantly impact a business and addressed the challenges of interpreting data and data stories at the leadership level. Tripathi stressed the importance of upskilling and reskilling to bridge the talent gap, and believes that talent, not tools, has the greatest impact on data-driven culture.

Tripathi also joined one of the event’s key panel discussions with a session titled “Securing Buy-In for Data Initiatives: Strategies for Gaining Financial Support and Achieving Success.” His insights included the importance of building trust as the foundation for internal alliances, the concept that innovation need not be entirely new, and the significance of identifying and analyzing stakeholders. Moreover, he emphasized handling pushback by understanding its source and utilizing emotional intelligence as an effective tool.

Tripathi leads the analytics team at the University of Phoenix, establishing the strategy and vision and providing operational support for the delivery of information and analytics platforms and solutions to key stakeholders. He has over 20 years of experience with strong emphasis on design, analysis, development, and implementation of advanced analytics, data science and AI solutions in Education, Insurance and Financial Industry. Tripathi is highly respected for his expertise in data storytelling. He has provided guidance to top executives on the importance of incorporating data storytelling into analytics-driven initiatives, as well as the crucial role analysts play within data-focused organizations. Tripathi completed his master’s in business economics and statistics at Southern Illinois University.

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