Two Major Victories for Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett

EVERETT, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The United States Attorney’s Office has closed a preliminary investigation against the City of Everett which had been opened more than 14 months ago by former U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins.

The inquiry related to allegations of racial and gender discrimination and sexual harassment by City officials and employees.

Rachael Rollins was forced to resign in May 2023 after two federal watchdog agencies found that she sought to use her position to influence a local election and lied to investigators.

The City of Everett was committed to a full and fair inquiry and retained outside counsel to conduct an internal review of the allegations and to assist in the inquiry, including interacting with representatives of the Department of Justice. The City demonstrated its commitment to a thorough and timely review by cooperating fully with all aspects of the inquiry and providing information and records responsive to the requests of the Department of Justice.

“We cooperated fully throughout the course of this inquiry,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria. “I am pleased that the matter has been closed, but I am not surprised by the outcome.”

With the written notification from the Department of Justice, the matter is now closed without further action or investigatory activities, and no charges will be brought against the City or any municipal employees or officials.

The closing of the inquiry does not mean that the work underway in Everett will come to an end. “Our commitment to ensuring that we are an ‘Everett for Everyone’ began before this inquiry was opened and that work continues,” said the Mayor. “We will continue to find ways to bring residents together to celebrate the diverse cultures that make our community special, as well as continue with our teachings and trainings dedicated to providing our residents and also our employees with a city government that is accessible, respectful and culturally sensitive.”

In another dramatic development, Mayor DeMaria and his attorney Jeffrey Robbins have been notified by Middlesex Superior Court that he will likely win a major judgment of at least $850,000 against The Everett Leader Herald, its owner and publisher and have attached their properties in that amount in a landmark defamation lawsuit filed by Mayor DeMaria against the newspaper for fabricating corruption charges against him.


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