Transforming the Bronx: Arctaris Impact Invests in Grand Concourse to Establish Grocery Store in Food Desert and Drive Economic Growth

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Arctaris Impact Investors, a leading impact investment firm, is pleased to announce its recent investment in Grand Concourse, a minority-owned, mixed-use development located in the Bronx, New York. This project required nearly $30 million from multiple Community Development Entities (CDEs), including $8 million in New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) from Arctaris Impact CDE. This Grand Concourse project plays a key role in revitalizing a distressed part of the Bronx and creating a grocery store in an urban food desert.

The project encompasses the renovation of a historic building, creating a 50,363-square-foot commercial space with a Fine Fare brand grocery store as the anchor tenant. Negotiations are underway for one to two additional tenants serving low-income communities throughout the Bronx, potentially a medical service provider or a charter school.

This investment is expected to create 100-150 permanent jobs in the Bronx, significantly impacting employment opportunities for the local community. The Grand Concourse project will generate approximately 70 jobs for the grocery store alone, with additional job opportunities available with the remaining tenants.

The supermarket operator is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce. The majority of the positions offered at the supermarket do not require advanced degrees or high school diplomas, making them accessible to a wide range of applicants. The supermarket operator has a history of hiring employees from the same communities in which the supermarket operates, promoting economic growth within the local area.

Furthermore, the supermarket operator will provide on-the-job training to ensure equal opportunities for career advancement for all applicants. The operator actively recruits employees through various channels, such as job fairs, open houses, and an employee referral program designed to encourage existing employees to refer potential new hires.

Uche Osuji, Managing Director of Arctaris Impact Investors commented, “The Grand Concourse remains an integral artery in the Bronx community. Arctaris is excited to help finance the establishment of a grocery store in this food desert that also provides significant economic and social benefits.”

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