The I-PASS Patient Safety Institute Hires Risk and Insurance Veteran Bob Hanscom as a Strategic Advisor

Hanscom Brings Industry Expertise and Leadership to Support I-PASS in Market Expansion

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–I-PASS, the gold standard for reducing preventable medical errors and patient harm through improved clinical handoffs, announced today the appointment of Bob Hanscom as a Strategic Advisor. Hanscom will collaborate closely with the I-PASS leadership team to develop and deliver strategies to help healthcare providers drive a culture of safety through communication.

Presently, communication failures like those found in unstructured handoffs can lead to medical errors in hospitals and health systems and are the third leading cause of death in the United States, approximately 251,000 annually. Research demonstrates that I-PASS’s structured patient handoffs can dramatically reduce these adverse events by nearly 50%.

“Bob has achieved great success during his career in risk management across healthcare organizations, and we’re excited to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to aid in our clients’ journey to a culture of safety,” said William Floyd, CEO of the I-PASS Patient Safety Institute. “We’re confident that Bob’s experience working within and with providers, payers, insurance carriers, and risk managers, will expedite our team’s efforts to reduce preventable patient harm on a national scale.”

Hanscom brings more than 25 years’ experience in healthcare risk management and a deep focus on claims data. He most recently retired from his role as Vice President of Risk Management and Analytics at Coverys. During his nearly decade-long tenure, he oversaw the company’s national risk management services and led enterprise-wide initiatives to strengthen Coverys as a data-and-analytics driven organization.

“There are so many theories, ideas, and institutions around what will work to improve healthcare—and I’m incredibly pleased to join an organization that is rooted in proven experience. We know that the I-PASS methodology is effective and efficient; my role here is to help others see the value of this successful solution,” said Hanscom. “I-PASS has a tremendous opportunity to serve as a catalyst of change, bringing together teams and organizations throughout the healthcare ecosystem, and unifying them around a very achievable goal: to reduce patient harm through better clinical handoffs.”

Prior to joining Coverys, Hanscom was Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention and Patient Safety at CRICO, an insurance program covering all of Harvard’s medical institutions and affiliates, providing coverage to 35 hospitals, 16,000 physicians and more than 325 additional healthcare organizations and 140,000 clinicians and employees. Additionally, Hanscom led CRICO’s external consulting division, CRICO Strategies. Previously, Hanscom was Vice President of Clinical Services at Lahey Clinic.

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The I-PASS Patient Safety Institute is a clinical leader in patient safety, enabling a standard of care for patient handoffs and closed-loop communication. Founded by clinicians in 2016, the I-PASS Institute leverages expert mentorship paired with technology and digital tools to scale the I-PASS methodology. The I-PASS Institute’s solution, the I-PASS Bundle, consists of three core technical components—I-PASS Training, I-PASS Assessment and Improvement, and I-PASS­ eVIEW. When used in unison and with the guidance of an expert coach, institutions can reduce patient harm caused by miscommunication. I-PASS is currently implemented in more than 100 healthcare institutions across the continuum of care. Learn more at


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