TechTarget Dramatically Enhances Intent Data Actionability with Confirmed Projects to Make Tech Sales Teams More Productive Immediately

Confirmed Projects available within TechTarget’s Priority Engine provide full visibility into verified technology purchases & buying team to focus Sales energy on capturing this real demand

NEWTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TechTarget, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTGT), the global leader in B2B technology purchase intent data and services today announced new updates to its Priority Engine™ platform that deliver improved capabilities. Newly enhanced Confirmed Projects™ intelligence provides B2B sales teams with early notification of verified projects underway in their territories. Obtained via direct interview from a key member of the buying team, Confirmed Projects include specific insights on the technical and business purchase considerations in-market accounts are looking to address — intelligence that will dramatically increase seller efficiency and productivity because they now know where and how to concentrate their efforts to get in on real deals.

TechTarget’s Priority Engine is the leading SaaS-based B2B purchase intent insights platform, delivering direct access to the most active in-market accounts and, within them, the named active prospects doing pre-purchase research in specific technology markets. Confirmed Project intent further augments the platform’s value with direct access to verified deals in process within its already expansive view of the total buying team and newly enhanced ability to filter territory views and lists to zero in on these opportunities. Together, these unique intent-based capabilities help both grow client pipelines and accelerate the deals within them.

“Thousands of B2B sellers use Priority Engine every day to fuel their outbound efforts by discovering new active buyers in their territories plus prospect-level intent that helps them break through,” said Andrew Briney, Chief Product Officer, TechTarget. “The integration of Confirmed Projects into Priority Engine gives them a unique ability to attack and revive stalled mid-funnel opportunities with precise, actionable details on verified purchase plans.”

As economic headwinds continue to increase in the Enterprise Tech industry, companies cannot afford to have their Sales teams wasting time chasing accounts and people not likely to convert. Furthermore, they cannot rely on information that has been triangulated from general account-based intent paired with 3rd party cold contacts – this creates too many false positives and false negatives. With its focus on high-precision Prospect-Level™ intent data and Confirmed Project deal identification, TechTarget is helping clients pursue the best opportunities and maximize revenue in their territory. In addition to accelerating deals specific to a territory or ABM list, Confirmed Projects sources many additional net new opportunities — demand you would otherwise miss – outside of the artificial limits created by the limitations of legacy targeting approaches. A recent TechTarget analysis of a representative sample of customer-supplied ABM lists found that in matched companies outside the customer lists, Confirmed Projects could identify as many as 46x the amount of real opportunities available within the list.

Confirmed Projects feature:

Directly confirmed that an upcoming purchase will be taking place for a solution aligned to the client’s technology market within a twelve-month timeframe

Directly confirmed purchase requirements, challenges, desired outcomes, location, timeframe and vendor short-list information

Triple verified contact data & role in the purchase process

“Getting company firmographic information, size of company, industry, revenue, et cetera, is not so hard. But getting information around a company’s intent, at that point in time, is” said David McFarlane, Operating Partner, Companyon Ventures. “You could work with companies to understand whether or not your target segment, your specific target company has been engaging in research around the topics that are important to you. [But] To deliver a cost-effective capital efficient company, you’ve got to focus on those segments that are really going to deliver that profitability.”

Confirmed Projects are unique in the market and are highly actionable because of the strength and accuracy of TechTarget’s intent data. To illustrate this, a recent TechTarget research study compared activation using active contacts in Priority Engine to a leading 3rd party contact database (within the SD-WAN and Identity and Access Management markets specifically), and found that:

For better actionability, Priority Engine active contact records are 6X more complete.

For connecting success and conversion, Priority Engine active contacts deliver 5X better performance.

For improved CX and built-in database hygiene, Priority Engine active contacts were 18X less likely to generate a Do Not Call request.

To learn more about Confirmed Projects in Priority Engine, click here.

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